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November 7, 2006

Almost out of wideouts

You probably saw this yesterday, but Demiko Goodman is lost for the year with a torn ACL. Additionally, Mario Raley won't play in this game because of head and neck injuries suffered vs. the Wildcats. AJ Bryant is listed at 75% with back injuries. Whle Mo Mass may sit out the game with a hip injury.

If Bryant can't go, our starting lineup of WRs would be Durham, Harris and Henderson. Their prime backup would be Moore.

While on the topic of WRs, someone over on the Porch pointed out that Champ Bailey had 700+ recieving yards in 1998 while only playing part-time WR for the Dawgs. His QB was a true freshman. Biggest difference between '98 and '06? Champ could catch and stuff. Well, that and the three NFL offensive linemen playing in front of Quincy in Matt Stinchcomb, Chris Terry and Jonas Jennings.


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82 said...

You also forgot to mention that QC as a freshman was 10x the player Stafford is as a freshman.

Anonymous said...

...we didn't see Michael Johnson coming either.

Saw Stafford at the dining hall today, that pic doesn't NEARLY do him justice. His face looks like a grapefruit.

Anonymous said...

...and 10 years older.

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