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November 27, 2006

Bama media reporting Shula fired

The Tuscaloosa News and the B-ham ABC-TV affiliate are both reporting it's a done deal. Expect a press conference Monday.



Anonymous said...

well guys...we live in an age of "I want it immediately or a little sooner" so Shula's demise is no surprise.Personally,I think he should get one more year and he may well have if he could get Auburn under control.

We can partially thank Bob Stoops for some of this.The college football world used to give a guy four years to change things.Bob Stoops,as you may recall,went to Oklahoma and won the NC in his second year forcing a lot of coaches to get on the ball.

Don't worry about Shula as he has many contacts in pro ball and he will land on his feet as an assistant somewhere.

old dawg

Anonymous said...

I am not sure why anyone worries about a fired D1A head coach. All I can say, is, man, I would love to be fired and given 3 million for doing nothing.

rdeemo said...

Bama fired the wrong guy! They should have fired the Athletic Director, Malcontent Moore. He is the sole link to the endless coaching debacles that Bama has suffered. Why can’t the alumni and faculty see that? Bama will only be able to hire a coach that is in it for the money now.

Shula, being an alum, had passion for Bama and wanted to help his school of this depression. The new coach is going to ask for a huge, and I mean huge, buyout clause because any future Bama coach knows that he has an almost impossible task ahead of him. He can’t lose more than 5 games in a season and has to have a winning record against Auburn and Tennessee (3-1 at worst) within 4 years. Bear Bryant, with assistants Paterno, Bowden, Spurrier and Lombardi, couldn’t guarantee those kind of results in the SEC today. What's worse is that SOB Tuberville is on the phone right now calling all of Bama’s recruits offering playing time and scholarships. The redshirt freshman will transfer and they’ll probably lose Joe Kines as defensive coordinator to another SEC school. This is going to be worse than Dubose, Franchione and Price combined. This is bad for UGA and the SEC.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how this will impact recruiting in the short term. In my opinion, 'Bama just put themselves back another couple of years at least. And it's not like there is a wealth of really good candidates available. Even the threw out Chan Gailey's name. Looks like Auburn might just get one for the other thumb...

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