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November 26, 2006

Breaking News: Georgia to Retire Reggie Ball's Jersey

ATHENS -- Georgia officials announced late Saturday night that the school intends to add a fifth jersey to the legendary circle of retired football numbers. Alongside Herschel Walker, Theron Sapp, Frank Sinkwich and Charlie Trippi, the Dawgs will retire Georgia Tech Senior Reggie Ball's #1 jersey.

"The guy did so much for our program," said Damon Evans, director of athletics at The University of Georgia. "It's the only fair and proper way to recognize his contributions."

Reggie Ball's career at Georgia Tech will soon end with a 0-4 mark against the Dawgs. He found new and amazing ways to lose games for the Yellow Jackets each year including classics such as losing track of downs and multiple last minute game ending interceptions.

The only potential barrier in the retirement ceremony would be a rumored petition to the NCAA for a rare fifth year of eligibility for Ball. Georgia officials were unwilling to comment on the rumor.


Yeah, this idea was floating around tonight from a ton of folks on UGA and GT boards. I just wanted to blog it. ;-)


Anonymous said...

They are also putting Calvin Johnson in the Georgia "circle" of honor.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Couldn't happen to a more classless guy. From his very first game against Georgia, in which he was yanked after a "concussion" (apparently Tech code for "tried to clock a Georgia trainer on the sideline), to last night, when Ray Gant reported he was punching and kicking people in the waning minutes of the fourth quarter, Ball has proven himself to be one of the most loathsome individuals in college football. Perhaps no single person over the last four years has talked more trash with less to back it up than he has.

And yet, like all other Georgia fans, I'm sorry that we won't get to face him again. GO DAWGS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sure, Reggie Ball is a sizeable douche and a bad guy at sports, but doesn't all of this tounge in cheek stuff kindof diminish the fact that we just flat out beat Tech's ass again? That being said, To Hell, Hell, Hell with Georgia Tech!

Anonymous said...

Why not ask for another four years? Screw just a fifth year. Keep him around as long as possible.

Anonymous said...

Being at the game and celebrating my butt off, I did not see it, but my dad brought it to my attention on Sunday and when I got back to DC and watched the DVR, did anyone see that Ball never shook hands with any players after the game-he went straight to the locker room. Full of class that guy is, especially when he might have played his last game ever (might play in the arena?).

He stated the obvious reason he never beat UGA. Bascially it was just another game to him-not the rivarly that UGA players, coaches, and fans see it as. The last game of the season is THE GAME.

Anonymous said...

In a related story, Georgia is attempting to remove all evidence of THIS JERSEY

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