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November 5, 2006

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Damn. Just Damn.

We don't have a good football team. Film at 11.

Geez. I was there. I saw it in person, and I can tell you....If you take away the turnovers, missed kicks, injuries, tackling, offensive line play and defensive fiasco that was the 4th quarter, you're left with the fact that Tony Taylor is having a helluva a season.

Sadly, he is the only one.




Anonymous said...

If this team had WRs that could catch, a QB that could throw to his own team, RBs that could break the big one, an OL that could block, a DL that could put pressure on the QB or stop the run, an actual full strength LBer corps rather than the single one who is still playing) that could do...well, anything, a secondary that could actually figure out the zone scheme they are using, or even a kicker that could hit PATs, let alone FGs, then this team would be pretty damn good. The fact that this team has fallen apart in every single area just boggles my mind. I never thought I would see a Richt-coached team play with so few fundamentals.

Anonymous said...

Yep, you're both hitting the nail on the head. I'm long past trying to blame it on one player or one coach, this is just a TOTAL TEAM FAILURE, on every level. All coaches, most players... all going wrong. NO fundamentals, no emotion, just going through the motions... badly. Yeah yeah, injuries and inexperience, but we've done more with less and been able to persevere before, made it to ATL in 03 with a green OLine... this mess is just snowballing out of control now. I don't wanna say they've quit, but WTF?!

I'm glad I didn't see any of this one, and I never will. I had actually planned on avoiding tickers ALLLL DAY and watching the midnight delay on FSN, but I finally broke down and asked my father on the phone mid afternoon... just said look I don't wanna stay up all night just to watch us play like absolute crap for the 6th straight week and lose... and he was like, "well, ya better not watch then."

Good call indeed.

I'm reminded of the old guy who used to sit behind me in Sanford when I was little and my pops still got us season tix every year as we struggled through the Goff era... and anyway there was this one old timer who about had a stroke every game, and he would without fail, at least twice per quarter, yell this:

"PUT YOUR HEART IN YOUR HAND AND HIT SOMEBODY! I just wish our coaching staff and team had half as much emotion and fire in them as that guy... dawg blessem, wherever he's gone.

Anonymous said...

Actually I will call out one player... IT'S AN EXTRA POINT! How do you still have a scholarship son, do you think you deserve one? An ATHLETIC one, anyway?! Yup, it certainly ain't just you but damn you ain't helpin, Mr. 3rd year scholarship place-kicker!?!!!1 Ugh, every week... the PAT adventure continues! Boooo #93, hooray beer!

Anonymous said...

The picture says it all. It is a very sad and disappointing year. I had such high hopes. *SIGH*

Anonymous said...

"RBs that could break the big one"

We do. He ran for 84 yards in the first half and taken out of the game for NO APPARENT REASON.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone ignoring the elephant? No one is saying it, so I will. The blogs are full of the usual suspects... "Stafford is young and will get better with snaps, the receivers can't catch, the line isn't playing hard enough, the kicking game isn't there, WE JUST DON'T HAVE THE TALENT ON THE FIELD!" B-freakin-S.

Are you actually saying that Vandy and Kentucky have more TALENT than Georgia. Here's the truth fellow Dawgs, and it hurts... Richt is being out-coached in all levels of the game. Those that know the game of football see it. If indeed we don't have the talent on the field, then who recruited these guys? Our defense, what little there is of it, is being 'coached' toward the bottom of the SEC and Martinez was hand-picked by Richt when he could have had his pick of the crop after Van Gorda left.

Hey, anybody can win games with 11 studs on the field (except Donnan), it's what you do with the talent that makes a Head Coach great. Play selection? If you can't run between the tackles against Vandy and Kentucky, why do you keep calling the play? If your offensive line can't protect the QB, then be creative with play selection for Christ sake! Why does Richt avoid the SPREAD when everyone else is using it with excellent results (does anyone remember West Virginia or is THAT elephant no longer in the room!!!).

Look, I'm a Dawg and will always be, but its time to consider that Richt should be a HEAD Coach and not an Offensive Coordinator as well and as for Willie... Bye, Bye!

JCKsr said...

I was there! 395 miles back from a game we should of won. I agree with alot of what these guys here say. We have a lot of problems. But we have the talent. Whoever said Richt was being out coached at all levels is absolutely right. Three things need to happen THIS WEEK in my opinion.

First and foremost, Ely Kelso needs to be practicing field goals all week. Bailey has to go. I watched him lose the UT for us two years ago. I watched him lose the Vandy game this year. And yesterday he missed one chip shot, one semi long, and one PAT. You guys do the math, get us a place kicker and UGA wins 27-24. Andy Bailey sucks, who gave this kid a scholarship? One of our greatest kickers was a walk on. Maybe we don't have a coach that knows how to recruit kickers?

Number TWO, Bye bye Willie. You can't play defense 8 yards off the line of scrimmage. UK averaged 7. something yards per play yesterday. That is not SEC football. Willie needed to go 4 weeks ago. Hell, I could coach a defense as well as he does, and I'd do it for tickets!! LOL. Richt, I hope your reading these blogs, Willie Martinez needs to be released at 8 AM Monday morning. I'll come to Athens and help him move out!

Number three, and this one is as important as all the rest. Richt, I love you, I love what you've done with the team. I love the mood in Athens so much more than the slim years of the 90s, but you must have an offensive coordinator. I know Richt loves calling plays, but I think he needs to decide if he wants to be a Head Coach or an Offensive Coordinator.

At best we are going to be 8-4 this year, but I am being extremely generous with that. I was feeling more like probably 6-6 while coming down I-75 last night.

Does anyone know how bad it hurts to walk through UK campus after that crap last night? It was bad, real bad. Thank God I sold my AU tickets. AU has looked beatable. And up until the second quarter yesterday I was regretting my decision to sell my AU tickets, but now I am so glad I did.

So what bowl wants a 6-6 team? Some obscure bowl on the west coast I am thinking. Maybe we can call this a rebuilding year. But I hope everyone feels as I do an thinks the best rebuilding we can do is with a Offensive and Defensive Coordinator. I am calling in tommorrow night and suggesting it to Richt. We'll see what he has to say. I'd like to have Van Gorder back, name your price GSU and Brian!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nope it wasn't Richt. Our team had 390 yards of offense. When you factor in we had FOUR drives cut short by turnovers, it's really really obvious what is hurting this team. We gained 7.9 per pass and 5.0 per rush. I think turnovers are kind of a dead horse, but it's dead for a reason: because it's plagued many many football teams.

The second culprit is the defense. They UK have two 70+ yard TD drives which is inexcusable. We have enough talent on that side of the ball to be alot better than they showed, and for that I blame Martinez.

dawgforlife said...

I'm the one that stated the obvious about "the elephant" but didn't have a blogger name at the time.

Its good to see that someone else is noticing the Richt errors, maybe it is the smell of peanuts on his breath. I'll be listening for your call to his show.

Dawg for Life

Anonymous said...

Although I agree with everyone in terms of there being plenty of blame to go around (e.g., kicking game, turnovers, poor tackling & receiving, etc.), I also believe the PRIMARY problem is the defense and more specifically our defensive coordinator/scheme!

This game wasn't an isolated incident, but yet another example of where traditional powerhouses like Vandy, Miss. State and now UK have driven the length of the field SEVERAL times with the game on the line. We also couldn't get a stop against Florida in order to at least give the offense one last chance and were completely picked apart by a one-win Colorado team. Also, let's not forget last year when our defense was "manhandled" by Auburn and West Virginia (Willie probably still hasn't figured out that you can't stop the spread with only 6 guys in the box).

I believe it's our defensive coaching more than our players that hurt us. You can't tell me that we don't have the athletes/recruits to play with these "weak sisters" or any other SEC team. Our past 4 recruiting classes have all been ranked in the top 10 nationally. On this defense alone, we've got numerous 4 and 5 star recruits (Miller, Oliver, Evans, Weston, Owens) and potential All-SEC players (Moses, Johnson, Taylor), so I don't buy it. Great defensive coaches like Erk and Van Gorder never seemed to have problems 1) motivating the players 2) getting them ready to play i.e., preparation and 3) implementing an ATTACKING, aggressive defense that stopped opposing teams.

Willie has got to GO!!!!

Anonymous said...

i think its all the offense and the fact that cotu got got hurt. our defense is would be one of the best in the nation if the other team didnt get the ball inside the 40 four times a game because of turnovers! in fact, i think its safe to say that we would be UNDEFEATED if it wasnt for turnovers. stafford just isnt ready to start in the SEC. give him a year or two to develop and he will be a star,but for now i think cox is the man. stafford just isnt ready.

dsoule said...

this is beginning to be really close to what happened to tennessee last year. thank god we are atleast bowl elgible. but when the sh.. hit the fan last year in knoxville fat phill chopped some heads and thats what cmr neads to do now. when you loose to vandy and kentucky someone needs to loose their job. btw i think our offence is fine. cut out the turnovers and were ok. but willie jeez how can you do so little with so much. i don't even want him coaching my highschool team

Anonymous said...

I think it's obvious to CMR at this point that he has some tough decisions ahead of him regarding the future of some of the members of his staff. I would say that Eason, Calloway, Jancek and Martinez should be on thin ice right now to varying degrees. I also think it goes against CMR's personality to hold any of them accountable to the point that any of their respective jobs are in jeopardy. In short, I don't think we should expect CMR to initiate any personnel changes on the coaching staff. That may have to come from Damon and, if he has to step in, we can expect the whole bunch of them, CMR included, to be gone.

Which brings up another point. I know CMR has said numerous times that he plans to stay at Georgia as long as we will have him, but he's never faced a situation in the time he's been here quite like the current one. I have to wonder, therefore, if taking the Miami job is not in the back of his mind. Granted, Coker is not officially out yet, but it seems to be a mere formaility (The Sporting News recently reported that Donna Shalala was talking to Barry Alvarez about the job). If Miami does, indeed, let Coker go, taking the job would seem to relieve CMR of the burden of having to make some tough decisions--he could just take his existing staff with him to Miami and that would prevent him from having to do anything about the current situation at Georgia. If CMR stays here and doesn't make any changes to the existing coaching staff, he may not have the luxury of having a job immediately available when and if things get worse at Georgia. I'm not trying to start any rumors, but I have to wonder if he's not giving serious consideration to the Miami job.

Anonymous said...

Seldom do I every respond to anything on a blog....but today I am responding. I am as much a Georgia fan as anyone else who reads this. As of late it has been very difficult to fly the G flags and get fired up about a Georgia football game. There have been plenty of mistakes made this year. Martinez has got to go. Bring Mushchamp back to his Georgia roots or anyone other then Willie. Hell, Kyle King did a better job breaking down Kentucky let him do it. The point is this has been the only year under Coach Richt that Georgia has had the kind of season it has had. To suggest that he would pack up his huge ass family who all reside in Athens and move them to Miami is bordering on stupidity. Going into this season everyone knew it was a rebuilding year. You can't lose the type of athletes we lost last year and expect to have the same results. Last I checked we still had a top 5 recruiting class in the nation. We still have a quarterback who can throw the ball. We still have a great coach and if Georgia losses the rest of the season which as this point is very possible we still will be at .500. And when next fall rolls around we will still have 92,000 strong supporting them Georgia Bulldogs. It could be a whole lot worse. You could be a Gamecock.

Unknown said...

Anon - you're projecting a lot of stuff onto Richt that simply isn't there.

He's not stupid. You think he's getting some heat NOW? Try losing 2 games at Miami or FSU.


Anonymous said...

Even big bird knows on every play of the game winning drive that 7 > 5 in the box.

I can only think of one coach who wouldn't run in that situation and only one coach who wouldn't adjust his 'D'.

Anonymous said...

I'm not naieve enough to think that this is a good team right now, but in reality, if Coutu were still kicking, I'm pretty sure we'd be 8-2 and all of this pissing and moaning would be over on some other schools blog.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is half the dog fans aren't fan enough to stick around when y'all are losing. Not saying its anyone on this blog, but I was talking smack to a dog fan and they admitted they had already thrown in the towel on this year. Said they didn't care if the team won or lost.

It's amazing so many people jump off the bandwagon after one poor season...

frank fiasco said...

Did Anon really insinuate that CMR could be gone? That's almost laughably hilarious. Barring multiple unforeseen years of underachieving it would be remarkably stupid to fire CMR.

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding about Richt going to Miami...hell, he gets out coached by Rick Brooks and Bobbi Johnson with hardly any talent. Put him in the ACC going against the Bowdens, the Fridge, Beemer, and Amato(sp?) and he'll be fired in 2 years.

How come no one is talking about Richt and his inability to recruit his OWN players and turn them into stars. How come Richt wasn't able to see the future coming and turn AJ Byrant or Blake Barnes into a QB that would now be at least a RS Soph? How come the last true back we had was Musa Smith? Why will there only be 2 players in the NFL from this team next year? How come he was unable to recruit an OL for next year and the forseeable future?

Hell, Tennessee had a bad year last year and made changes. Florida had a bad year 2 years ago (7-5 under Zook) and made changes. I'm gonna be really interested to see what changes are made in Athens.

DawgByte said...

I think two things must happen starting in Jan. '07.

1. Richt should hire a consultant (like he did for offensive clock management) to assist in reviewing every aspect of the football program, from strength & conditioning, recruiting, offense, defense & special teams. Also they should assist in reviewing individual talent.

2. Coaching changes. I think it should be clear to everyone that our OL has consistently underachieved. Coach Callaway should be asked to leave the program. I think Martinez is a good coach, but not a DC. He should be moved back to Secondary's coach and a new DC brought in. Lastly, the time has come to bring in an OC. In today's game there are too many pressures and time demands on a head coach to be responsible for running the program and the offense at the same time. Also I DO NOT believe Mike Bobo is the answer to our offensive issues. He's still too green to be an OC IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Well, there went 25,000 SkyMiles I can't get back.

Anonymous said...

A guy in the AJC sports vent said this in the context of Larry Coker and Miami, but it applies- "we have hit rock bottom and started to dig".

Martez Milner- "has the full six pack, but lacks the plastic thingy that holds it all together".

Willie Martinez- "the gates are down, the lights are flashing, but the train ain't coming".

Anonymous said...

Highlight of the weekend: My brother was at the Lexington airport putting his dog on the plane and UGA was getting on with him.

One bad season isn't the end of the world. My biggest concern is that Richt seems to be acting like a coordinator, and not a leader.

I'm in Ohio, and so also follow OSU. Take a look at Jim Tressel. He's not a maniac on the side line, but he is actively engaged. He works the refs, he calls the players over when they leave the field. This weekend, he benched a running back who fumbled twice. I guarantee that running back will be back. It's not about being mean, or not teaching, it's about being engaged and holding people accountable.

Richt looks like he could be at a parent-teacher conference. There's just no fire. I think that has a lot to do with dropped passes, and the general collapse on all fronts that seems to be going on.

It's going to be an interesting off season....and we'll still beat Auburn!


Anonymous said...

I nominate Joker Phillips for our OC. He called a great game on Saturday- on UK's last 2 drives, I have not seen a UGA team that lost defensively since the Tech game in 2000. We were totally on our heels. And- he has proven he can recruit in Georgia.

Anonymous said...

I was a manager/supervisor for many years and one of the toughest things was to let someone go that was not getting the tough job done. You can always find an excuse for underachieving but its the successful bosses who know how to hold his subordinates accountable...If it's yourself then you'd better make some personal changes..span of responsibility, letting subordinates do their jobs and HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE IF THEY DON'T, getting the right people in the right jobs...loyalty is good but not when you have responsibility to a great university, its fan base, and to the state's reputation. Also, wasn't it the Old Ball Coach during the Goff era who said, in part, if you recruit well and still can't win, it must be the coaching! It's audit time on the Bulldog team..wake up coach!

Anonymous said...

Agree with Dawgbyte.
Callaway has got to go and he should take Eason with him. Martinez, who is a fine secondary coach, seems to have trouble preparing for good offenses and in general making adjustments throughout games and should give way to a more proven and aggresive DC. I'm not convinced Jancek is a capable LB coach either as it seems guys like JJackson, BMiller and DVWheeler have either regressed or been stagnant since VG left.
I too like the idea of CMR as a macromanager of the team instead of OC. That being said, it's not entirely fair to put the burden of the blame on him for an ineffective offense when the OL has continued to struggle and the WRs have continued to underachieve. I say continue because, though worse this year than any previous, these have been consistent problems.

murphdawg said...

Py-suxor-ean Theorem
(a)Mark Richt=(b)6-6
(b)6-6=(c)Ray Goff

constant=bad coaching

I know it's not 6-6 yet, but it doesn't look good. 6-6 happens the 1st or 2nd year or on your way out the door...not in your 6th season. Also, let's not forget that our record could have been a lot worse. Willie Martinez...strike 6, YOU'RE OOOUT!
BTW, where is Bill Lewis?

dawgforlife said...

Well, since Anon brought it up, what IF Damon decides to clean house. I certainly don't think that will happen but if MR draws a line in the sand and refuses to release some of his staff, what then?

It would be interesting to discuss (amoung ourselves) possible successors, just for the hell of it. Personally, Charlie Strong, DC of the hated Gators, would be high on my list. What say you, fellow Dawgs?

Anonymous said...

Since GSU is assured of a losing season for the first time in 10 years, the heat may be on BVG. His return to Athens would be welcomed by all. Will Muschamp; Jon Tenuta.

Anonymous said...

Bill Maskill. Look him up! They might have to build a stadium at DII MSU in Texas to keep him, other than that I say we give him a try atleast at LB. Jansek is worthless.

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