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November 19, 2006

Hoops: Takais Brown has Solid Debut in Rout of Helpless Valdosta

Out of the Felton Dog House (Image: ABH)

Preface: I have no idea why in the blue hell we're scheduling Valdosta.

The Dawgs had been waiting to showcase new power forward Takais Brown (6'8" 240+ lbs), and they finally got their chance. Brown was re-instated after sitting out the first two games with academic problems. The Dawgs rolled in his debut beating Valdosta 105-74. I wasn't at the game so I can only assume it was Valdosta State and not Valdosta High School. Although, is there really a difference from a hoops standpoint?

Anyway, Brown scored 23 points and pulled 7 rebounds in 19 minutes. He started a bit rusty by his own admission, but came on strong once he settled down. He's the player that caused Singleton to tell the AJC, "Wait 'til you see him. He's a man's man."

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Anonymous said...

Has Felton now allowed facial hair below the mouth aka Takias Brown and Dave Bliss?

Anonymous said...

Yes, he has. It's a new, hairier day in the hoops program.

I'm not sure why Valdosta State bothers you so, PWD. Everyone plays games like that. This year's schedule is pretty close to a Harrick Special, well stocked with power conference bottom feeders like Wake and Clemson.

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