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November 21, 2006

Recruiting News: Caleb King video and More

Caleb King video from Scott Kennedy of

2008 Recruiting: Georgia's Top 12 - Chad Simmons

Dawgs get a 2008 RB Commit -
(note: says he's not committed "yet." The kid told Dean Legge of basically that he's committing and not to bother pulling the story down. Apparently, it's semantics.



Anonymous said...

LOL, good God man, what IS UP with that music, or at least the second song anyway?! I mean, I appreciate whoever originally put this together and whoever put it on youtube, but cmon... it should pretty much be an unspoken rule that whenever you're putting together a football highlight video you use rock or rap, that's pretty much it. No country, no gospel, no folk, and certainly no 70s disco funk! LMAO, I mean is that supposed to be a joke people will get, or inside joke or something? Wow.

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