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November 30, 2006

The Tater Rides Again -- Ian Smith Arrested

TurdGate was funny. Sort of a boys will be boys type thing. Falling asleep while drunk on the shitter at a pizza joint in college is comedy. Empirically speaking.

Allegedly, blowing a .216 at 300 pounds and having the cops revive you before they arrest you for a second arrest in a year on booze charges isn't funny. Not when it's going to get you booted from school for a year. Not when it's very likely going to cost you a scholarship.

How drunk is .216? And how much booze does it take to get a 300 pound man drunk enough to blow a .216?

The University of Oklahoma published a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) chart to give students a sense of how many beers / shots is a problem. Many other sites have similar charts that reveal similar numbers. Back of the napkin math...if you double a person's body weight, they can handle double the amount of booze. More back on the napkin math, you can lop off about .01 off your BAC for every extra hour that you spread drinking the same quantity of booze.

The Following are Estimates:
A 300 pound kid like Ian Smith would need to drink about 10-12 beers in a single hour to break .18. That's not kidding around drunk. .18 is *shithoused.*

To break .216 a 300 pounder needs about 18-20 beers or a fifth of bourbon (750 ml) or about 18-20 shots over a 2 hour period. If he had been at a 4 hour party, he would've needed about a liter of vodka or 22-25 shots.

Probably 80% of the folks that went to college had a night where they drank way, way, way too much. But damn. Just damn. That's a heap of booze. Especially for a Wednesday.

BTW -- When Smith sobers up, he needs to seriously re-evaluate who his friends are. If you are going to make a drunken ass out of yourself on a regular basis, you need to find a buddy who is good at taking care of the drunks in the group. Friends that leave you unconscious on the sidewalk or the shitter after that much booze aren't worth a damn.



C. Paul said...

I agree with you that this offense is not funny at all. I think Ian might need some help before suiting up again for the Dawgs. Also, it isn't the best time to be doing this when we plan on having 35 OL on scholly next year.

"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Seriously. We're beyond suspensions or stern talking-tos with Tater -- this kid needs rehab, and I'm not even kidding. .216 has killed people before.

Anonymous said...

I hope young Mr. Smith gets some serious help in a hurry. He could have killed himself. That amount of alcohol in the blood stream can have long term consequences beyond the obvious state immediate satate of intoxication. Football, in my opinion, is way down the list of priorities for this young man.

Anonymous said...

I know we love numbers, and in particular, we love being able to say things like "if you double a person's body weight, they can handle double the amount of booze" because, well it's easy to multiply times two. But, those numbers are at best averages; everyone is a little different, and body weight is only one factor.

Also, while I am sure that .216 has killed someone before, I can produce real life examples from my practice of a guy .39 behind the wheel of a car who wasn't stopped for weaving, and .46 of a guy who was sober enough to walk home and for that matter find his home from the shothouse he'd been at.

I am just saying that we put numbers in things like DUI statutes because if we didn't they would be soooo much harder to enforce, but in the larger picture of how it affects who, it's mainly just a general idea.

That said, he does need help, if only because of the frequency with which the problem arises.

Anonymous said...

I have been at a party before where I have had 15-20 shots, and I weigh 175. Of course, it was my college graduation party, not a random Wednesday. And it was over about a 12 hour period, not 4.

rdeemo said...

We've all had those times when we've be wasted, but to be found passed out, alone and without any friends or teammates to make sure you get home safe is disturbing. Where are the people that care about this kid? I always thought the buddy system kept these kinds of things from happening.

It is absolutely futile to expect a kid at college (or anywhere else) to never imbibe until he's 21. The consequences never seen real enough to these kids to keep them from drinking.

The best thing you can do is create a buddy system where one player is responsible for another. Every player has a phone number in their pocket for a free-ride-home, no questions asked. Why they don't use it I can't begin to understand.

I hope he gets help and can get his life back together. We need him.

Anonymous said...

as I recall, Weds night was always a big night downtown in the Classic City. Back in the early '90s it was Zoo Night at TK Hardy's where you got a 32oz cup of basically straight liquor for a nickle, or something crazy like that. Ahh the good ole days.

Unknown said...

rdeemo - That's what I thought.

I in the hell did he make it all the way to Sanford Drive from the bar district that drunk. He's lucky he didn't pass out in the street or fall in front of a car.

Major bummer.

Anonymous said...

it was a tuesday night that he was drunk -- wee hours of wednesday morning.

plus, he was likely a good bit drunker than .216. that's just what he blew. no telling how long he was there before police arrived, how long the emergency medical people tended to him and how long it took before he got to the PD to blow on the breathalyzer.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that we (and I include me) can snicker while the guy is killing himself. He definitely needs some kind of support system that his peers are not offering him.

Anonymous said...

You guys have short memories. Hell, Tuesday and Wednesday were always great nights to go out and tie one on. You never had to wait on a drink. Maybe that's why Ian go so hammered.
By the way, do we know that this is a pattern with him? Twice in one year is not a pattern. Maybe someone needs to teach this kid a little common sense. If he were Johnny Backslapper over Alpha Alpha house nobody would care. That he is our starting center next year, he's got serious problems.
He'll get punished and suspended for at least four games if not the year simply for being a dumbass 20 year old kid.

It was TK Hardys in the 80's c-dawg. In the early 90's it was Hoyt Street Station.

Anonymous said...

Zoo night was everywhere. B&L Warehouse was my hangout. Can't fault Ian for doing what most of us did, but his sack of shit bro's could of watched his back, damn.

Anonymous said...

Man, times have changed. I have the old Raycom Georgia-Florida video from the early 90's where Mack Guest openly talks about getting trashed before the '76 Florida game. I guess football players are not expected to act like regular students now.

Unknown said...

anyone can have a night like that. I don't think most of us are saying, "He shouldn't act like a college student."

I think it's more..."He shouldn't self destruct, and his teammates and friends shouldn't let him."

BTW -- He was about 50 yards from the stadium when they found him. The kid is lucky he didn't fall off the bridge.


Anonymous said...

And believe it or not, his Dad is a Prebysterian (sp?)Minister here in Cartersville

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