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December 18, 2006

About the Jeff Bowden Rumors

Daddy Bowden isn't seen pointing to Athens in this picture

I've heard the rumors about Jeff Bowden coming to UGA, and I really don't buy it. If John Eason, our current WR coach, does decide to retire or move into an administrative role one day, it wouldn't be the worst hire in the world to bring Jeff Bowden over to Athens as the WR coach. But I don't see it least not now anyway.

Jeff's buyout is $537,000 at FSU. As a WR coach at a school like Georgia, he would be making $125,000-$175,000. From what I've heard, it wouldn't be shocker to see Jeff Bowden take a year off from coaching. JB is about to get his hands on a massive settlement, and he may want to get away from coaching, the media, the fans and the complaining for a while.

The Rumor Mill in General:
The rumor mill around recruiting, suspensions, arrests and injuries in Athens is remarkably solid. But the rumors around assistant coaching changes at UGA absolutely sucks.

Every year Coach Bobo is rumored to be going somewhere. The past two years it was GSU. Despite no evidence of that being the case at all. Every year Eason is rumored to be retiring. Obviously, he hasn't yet. How many times have we heard that Brad Johnson was about to join the coaching staff? And no one saw Callaway to UAB cooking until Richt called it. I think the same folks pushing the Jeff Bowden to UGA rumors are the same folks pushing the other non-sense.

It wouldn't be a bad thing if Jeff did show up in Athens as a WR coach, but I don't see it happening. There is no other position on staff that would make sense for him.



Anonymous said...

I hear Reggie Ball is looking for a job...any job. Strengths: he's an emotional, ambitious guy. Weaknesses: counting to four.

Anonymous said...

Bowden does not have a $537,000 buyout. He gets his money from FSU no matter what he does elsewhere. That was the deal, no buyouts, no stipulations on his employment. He gets his money from them for the next few years.

Anonymous said...

anonymous is right. At least that's the way it's been reported several times here in Orlando.

Anonymous said...

Gardner leaving with Calloway is the most disturbing rumor I have been hearing. Gardner really wants to be a DC. Not sure if he would leave UGA for UAB.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bowden DOES have a $537,000 buyout. It's in his pocket at this very minute. I agree he could have said JB just received a buyout, but look at everything else said in the paragraph and I think we get his point.

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