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December 14, 2006

Coach Callaway meeting with UAB Officials

Callaway catches a job offer?

Richt say that Coach Callaway met with UAB officials on Wednesday about their head coaching job (Source: AJC). Interestingly, Jimbo Fisher of LSU is also a candidate for that job.

Normally, I would be a proponent of Coach Callaway considering other options. But to be totally honest, this probably isn't the ideal year. We have nine offensive linemen committed to Georgia. About half of them will enroll early. As completely and totally desperate as we are for OL help, the last thing we need is mass defections of our recruits.

Secondly, Richt has made it clear that he wants Bobo to focus exclusively on play calling. He has hinted that he doesn't think Bobo is ready for the full job of assembling the game plan for the upcoming week. He wants to work on the planning with Callaway who will retain the "offensive coordinator" title. Bobo's chance of success next year is less if he's trying to learn two new jobs at once.

Twelve SEC Titles
I've long felt that Callaway's offensive line recruitment has ranged from puzzling to inexplicable for most the past 6 years. You look at the kids we offered vs. the ones we didn't IN STATE and it'll drive you crazy.

Considering the talent level of the player he has signed prior to this class, one could argue that he's worked miracles putting together an OL that has won 60 games. The flip side of that coin being -- he wouldn't have to work miracles if he recruited the past 6 seasons like has this year.

We've also had games where our motley crew of OL misfits have dominated exceptional defensive lines. Games like Wisconsin '04, LSU '04, LSU '05 and UT '05 stand out as staggeringly impressive. We've also had games where Mississippi State, South Carolina, Marshall and even Vandy have made our OL look ridiculous. The wildly inconsistent product we see on the field week to week is maddening.

You look at his resume, and you see something like 12 SEC titles as a player and assistant at Alabama, Georgia and Auburn. Professionally, the guy is an enigma wrapped in a mystery while shrouded in a cloak of WTF.

That said:
That said...He FINALLY looks to be bringing on an diverse group of mostly primetime offensive line recruits. These guys appear to be academically eligible with multiple working shoulders, and they average around 300 pounds. He finally has something to work with.

That said. If you could guarantee me that we wouldn't lose any recruit AND that we could bring on someone like Hugh Nall from Auburn. I would be sitting here wishing Callaway all the best next year at UAB.

Said another way. I don't think OL coaching is program's biggest opportunity for improvement. It probably isn't the right time to make any changes.




Anonymous said...

I wonder if UAB needs a linebackers coach?

Anonymous said...

PWD: have you heard anything about the rumor of Jeff Bowden coming to UGA in Calloway's place or as a WR coach. This started on Rivals board 2 days ago - with the statement that Calloway wouldn't be back.
Just think its interesting how a poster knew about Calloway seeking another position. Now I wonder if that same poster is telling the truth about Bowden coming to UGA.
What have you heard? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Professionally, the guy is an enigma wrapped in a mystery while shrouded in a cloak of WTF.

Nice work, PWD. Take a cliche and give it new freshness.

Seriously, I think that he is mainly a good coach, not such a hot recruiter (I am not at sure that he personally has been recruiting these guys; some insider would have to address that, but I'm saying that just because they are lineman doesn't mean he's the recruiter. I think this is a lot of RG's doing. But again, I am not claiming inside info)and the whole truth is that unless you can get someone like Hugh Nall - which isn't likely because even though it is UGA, it would be a lateral move for him - we are going to be hoping that CMR can do as well. So, I just hope this is just a ploy for more $$$.

Anonymous said...

Anybody wonder if David Pollack would be interested in coaching the linebackers? How awesome of a motivator would he be? Pipedream probably but never hurts to ask!!!!

Unknown said...

I think the same people who think Jeff Bowden is coming this year are the same people who said the last 2 years that Brad Johnson is coming, and that Bobo was going to GSU last year.


oreo said...

I'm not too hot on him moving...stability in our coaching staff should be a key. IMO its one of the biggest things we've got going for us. Plus, like PWD, it's not the right time with the influx of OLs we've got coming in.

IF he does leave though, what about Chris Scelfo coming back?

Devildawger said...

This unit has underperformed way too long and shouldnt have regardless of injuries. I think the guy has made horrible selections in terms of offering some guys and letting some guys get all of a sudden because we drink from the fountain of Juco rejuvenation we should keep him? I am hoping he gets the job because I bet there is someone better who will fit this offense better (professionallly and personality wise) and I will leave it at that.

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