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December 12, 2006

Oddly, Auburn struggling to sell Cotton Bowl tix

This is just really odd to me. Auburn hasn't been to the Cotton since Bo Jackson's Heisman year. They haven't played Nebraska in forever, and they are struggling to move their allotment of tickets to a premium, historically strong bowl.

I don't get that one.

We sold ours.

In UGA bowl ticket news, all Peach Bowl orders were filled that were submitted by UGA contributors.



Anonymous said...

It's called shame. After the smackdown Auburn fans are humbled people. And trailers don't travel well over 40 miles.

Darth Scooter said...

I heard this morning on the radio that Tennessee has yet to sell all of their tickets to the Outback bowl either. I was still half asleep, when the story was on and forget how many tickets they have left, but I think it speaks volumes about our program that the Chick fil-a bowl sold out so quickly.

Anonymous said...

My theory is geography impaired Barners think Dallas is sorta on the way to Atlanner, down there in Paulding County, and they can just ride over on game day. Everyone knows what cheap SOBs AU fans are, until it's time to start paying players and/or ex-coaches not to rat them out.

The good news is they're all really looking forward to that holiday trip to Six Flags Over Georgia.

Anonymous said...

per Nashville paper, as of yesterday, UT still had 800 tickets to sell out of 12,000. ORiginally, UT was given 9,000 tickets and requested more so I think the general sense is Vols are glad to be in Florida.

Don't understand Aubie's though. I'd think some of them would relish the chance on their drive to Dallas for a New Year's Bowl game to wave at the Crimson Tide fans returning from a mid-week game in Shreveport.

By the way, the Independence Bowl recently hosted a state playoff game between #1 Texarkana High and #2 Highland (where's Matt Stafford) Park. Tex high won handily. Why a Texas playoff game was played in Louisiana is anyone's guess.

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