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December 21, 2006

Video: More UGA vs. Gonzaga from ESPN

Good stuff.



Anonymous said...

Sorry it's so choppy but it was ripped from's .flv flash player initially, then converted to .avi and then back to flash again since youtube and myspace won't let you just upload a straight flash file. : /

Anonymous said...

Um, not to be an ass, but would that be Dennis Felton nodding in agreement after Rick Majerus refers to the game as his biggest win since becoming a Bulldog?

Anonymous said...

A lot of other people are saying that too, including players like Stukes who were here for that season sweep of Kentucky. Guess maybe they just mean it as a national stage on Sat afternoon on ESPN with a team actually having a little depth for once this year, maybe they feel like this was a real turning point and we're gonna start making a little more noise again nationally.


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