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January 22, 2007

AJ Green Highlight Video

Most of you guys have probably seen this already. It was linked in the comments section last week, and it has been all over the recruiting message boards. The video shows AJ Green (WR from Summerville, SC) during his junior year of high school.

Green is a rising senior this year, and he is projected as one of the Top 10 overall players in the country. He's committed to play for the Georgia Bulldogs.

The video isn't as ridiculous as the Noel Devine clips, but it's pretty damn jaw dropping.

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82 said...

a few more videos

Anonymous said...

He's no Bill Brasky.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Italian comment spam. There's a new one.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Good Lord. Some of those catches in traffic were positively Calvin Johnsonesque.

There, that ought to rile up the Techies a bit.

Anonymous said...

Stafford to Green. If that doesnt make the Bulldog Nation get excited then VIAGRA wouldnt help. Also WSB-Radio might want to get added policies to make sure Larry expire over with excitement.

Scott said...

Look... compared to what we has this past year, if the kid can catch, then we'd be better off.

BTW: who's the QB who is really slinging it and placing the ball well?!

Anonymous said...

wow some of those catches remind me alot of calvin johnson

and i would also liek to know who that qb is......

Unknown said...

believe the QB is Reid McCullum

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