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January 21, 2007

As the Hawg Turns -- Arkansas Soap Opera Continues

Woo Pig

The blood letting in Arkansas over the Mitch Mustain, Houston Nutt, Frank Broyles, Gus Malzahn, alumni hate triangle trapezoid continues. The story continues to move national with editorials in the NY Times and Orlando Sentinel. But the real beatings are coming from the Arkansas media:
    -- Drama not tied to Springdale - Springdale Morning News
    Instead, my friend is left without as much hope for the long term after a divorce between Malzahn, Mustain and the Arkansas program. It's a taste that is even more bitter given that seemingly every top football recruit in the state is finding a way to leap that imaginary fence as quickly as possible on their way to top programs elsewhere.
    -- The Sinking Ship of Arkansas Football - Springdale Morning News
    As much good as Broyles has done for Arkansas in the past 50 years, it's time for him to gracefully accept his accolades and turn the reins over to somebody else. Why would he even want to stay around through this mess? As for Nutt, he'll coach himself out of a job before too long.

    Sadly for Razorback fans, by keeping Nutt and losing Malzahn, Broyles just traded a Cadillac for a (Danny) Ford -- one that can't pass.
    -- Hawgs Only Solution: Clean House - Ft. Smith Times Record
    According to a Dec. 8 column by Matt Mosley on the Dallas Morning News’ Web site, Nutt (and/or Broyles) approached David Lee about becoming the co-offensive coordinator in February 2006 ... after National Signing Day. After Malzahn had delivered three of the Springdale players to Nutt’s doorstep. Think about the dishonesty involved in that scenario.

    Malzahn convinced players to attend UA based on those promises. But behind his back, there was already scheming and plotting to demote him before the Razorbacks even went through spring drills.
There's more, but it gets redundant. It seems like a race between all parties to see who can be the most self-destructive, petty and spiteful.

At the end of the day, Mustain is still at Arkansas while he looks for another school to accept him.



Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

It never ceases to amaze me what a huge stink the Arkies are making about this. All through the season they bitched that Malzahn wasn't being allowed to have enough say in the offense. Yet after winning 10 games and an outright SEC West title -- which supposedly Malzahn had nothing to do with -- they bitch and moan about Malzahn but call for Nutt's head!

Just a tip, Hawg fans -- you gotta dance with the one that brung ya, and it doesn't look like that was Malzahn. Or Mustain, for that matter.

As far as Mustain is concerned, it looks like he's in worse shape now than Nutt is. No major D-IA program with at least a satisfactorily competent QB is gonna want to take him on if they also have to accept the baggage of his mom. Unless guys like Bob Stoops and Mike Leach are just dying to get called into meetings with Beck Campbell because she doesn't think her darling baby boy is throwing enough.

Anonymous said...

The one thing that has occurred to me is that in the competition for which of the "golden qb" of this past recruiting class, Mustain is OUT of the race, and imo, Tebow is several lengths back. As rash and impulsive as Matt looked in the games that he threw all the interceptions, he is positively Einstein compared to Mustain, and there isn't much to compare with in Tebow. I am feeling better and better about Matt.

Anonymous said...

Dang...that pig looks like it got caught in a napalm strike

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