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January 2, 2007

Falcons Head Coach Candidate - Ken Whisenhunt

Ken Whisenhunt

With the firing of Jim Mora Jr. by the Falcons, Arthur Blank should look to the Steelers in their search for a new head coach. Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt is a proven NFL assistant coach with a Super Bowl ring, and he has ties to Atlanta.

Whisenhunt primarily played tight end for Georgia Tech from 1981-1984; however, he filled in at QB for the Yellow Jackets in their upset win at Alabama in 1981. Their only win of the season.

Unlike Jim Mora, Jr. whose experience as a coordinator consisted of only two winning seasons in 5 years and a parade of stops for generally unsuccessful organizations; Whisenhunt has been around a winner at the pro level long enough to know what it takes to be successful. His Super Bowl ring will also command respect with the players.

More importantly, if the Falcons hire the guy, he can't rescue the Yellow Jackets when the Gailey Experiment finally ends.

Other articles on Whisenhunt:
-- A top candidate for the Raider last year - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
-- Tough guy for a tough job - Post-Gazette
-- Official bio -- Steelers site

The AJC lists the following as possible replacements for Mora:
    Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator, Norm Chow
    University of Louisville coach Bobby Petrino
    Jim Caldwell, assistant head coach/quarterbacks coach Indianapolis
    Ron Rivera, defensive coordinator, Bears
    Cam Cameron, offensive coordinator, Chargers
    Mike Tomlin, defensive coordinator, Vikings
    Mike Singletary, assistant head coach, LB coach, 49ers
    Ken Whisenhunt, offensive coordinator, Steelers
    Steve Mariucci, former Lions, 49ers head coach
    University of Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz.


Anonymous said...

Could Mariucci possibly bring Terrell Owens with him?

Personally, I like the idea of Whisenhunt, along with an excellent QB coach--like say Chow--, and a top DC.

Ludakit said...

"Steve Mariucci, former Lions, 49ers head coach"

I pray that doesn't happen. One of my biggest gripes with the NFL is that unproven coaches get shipped from place to place while lesser-known, but possibly better, assistant coaches get looked over.

I also like the idea of Whisenhunt for the job. Maybe we can finally get some more Dawgs on the team since the Steelers have drafted a good many of our guys in recent years.

Whoever gets it, I really hope they're ready for the media sh*t storm they're stepping into. The Michael-Vick-West-Coast-Offense Experiment has failed, so we need an entirely new look, and with that comes increased scrutiny. Essentially, what I'm saying is that the media-reluctant Norm Chow is out already.

Let's just hope however gets hired will get the team to win games. There's too much talent on that roster for them to play as poorly as they have been.

In other news: Go Dawgs.

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