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January 18, 2007

Ga. Southern to Hire Hatcher?

Despite our hopes that Georgia Southern would hire Tech's recruiting coordinator and Georgia Southern legend Giff Smith, it appears Georgia Southern has its sights set on Valdosta State's uber-successful head coach Chris Hatcher.

While it may be a good hire for Ga. Southern, it doesn't hurt Georgia Tech, and that's the news in which we really wanted to delight.

It's not too late to call him home and wreck Tech, too!

Statesboro Bureau Chief

For more on Giff Smith see GT Fanhouse


Randal Burgess said...

Word on the street: Gailey to Miami is a done deal.

That can only mean one thing:
Brian Van Gorder will become the new Georgia Tech head coach!

Unknown said...

That makes sense. VanGorder has already been the linebackers coach at Atlanta for a day or two now. It's about time for him to move on.

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