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January 8, 2007

Rockin the Sweater Vest Tonight

Here's hoping.

Am I pulling for the SEC tonight? Hell to the no!

I wouldn't piss on the Gators if they were on fire. Much less actually pull for them. So per Iron Chef Turducken Tailgate's suggestion (she got promoted), I'll be sporting the sweater vest in honor(sic) of Jim "Cheaty McSweater Vest" Tressel.

Go Buckeyes!

As suggested elsewhere, here's hoping Tebow throws 5 INTs and single-handedly causes the Gators to lose.


PS -- Bonus reason to hate UF and Meyer. Is anyone else sick of hearing him weave Alex Smith into any conversation about great college QBs. I'm like dude...we get it. He was the #1 overall pick, and he played for you. Enough. Please.


Anonymous said...

to paraphrase Lewis Grizzard, I wouldnt pull for the Gators with two engines out on the plane.

Go, Buckeyes!

Anonymous said...

If the Gators were in a swim meet, I'd pull for the water.

Go Dawgs! Go Buckeyes!

Anonymous said...

I just told my dad I can't talk to him right now because he is one of those "conference intergrity guys." I agree that a one loss SEC champion should play in this game every year, but as long as it is these guys, I'll never root for them, even against the likes of an Ohio State University or the South Bend prep school.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe they pulled it off & won.
Damn. They'll never shut up about this.

Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

I mean shit. Friggin Big 10.

Jmac said...

1996 - Florida wins national title
1997 - Georgia 37, Florida 17

2006 - Florida wins national title
2007 - ????

Anonymous said...

As my mamma used to say: I wouldn't piss in their mouths if they were dying of thirst. Rat bastards!

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