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January 12, 2007

SEC Women: Power Ratings's Clay Travis has posted his Power Ratings for SEC Women. He based his ratings on his tour of SEC venues this season. I've been to 11 of 12 SEC venues (most 4-6 times) having only missed the Swamp. However, I've been to the Cocktail Party 13 or so times so I'm well versed on this topic. With that in mind, I've developed my own list to counter Clay's.

Georgia Sports
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1. Ole Miss
1. Ole Miss
2. Georgia
2. Georgia
3. Vanderbilt
3. Auburn
4. Auburn
4. Alabama
5. South Carolina
5. Kentucky
6. LSU
6. Florida
7. Tennessee
7. South Carolina
8. Alabama
8. LSU
9. Kentucky
9. Arkansas
10. Arkansas
10. Vanderbilt
11. Florida
11. Tennessee
12. MSU
12. MSU

When Ole Miss girls won Miss America in back to back years in the late 50s, the saying was born, "At Ole Miss, we redshirt Miss America." So, it's no shocker to see them listed so high. However, Orson has an odd take on the whole Ole Miss chicks are hot situation. I think the best post on his comment thread comes from his wife..."Massive eyeroll." (Hint: she's The Conscience of a Nation).

BTW -- What day was Clay in Nashville? I don't think you could list Vandy in the Top 3 if the entire Miss America contest was held on campus.



Anonymous said...

Vandy women in the top three? Yeah, that's probably a stretch just on the basis of numbers, that is, just lots less of them. But, Vandy women, for all they lack in quantity, make up for it in quality. If you don't like Vandy women, maybe it's just because they are too smart to fall for your come-ons. ;-)

The 31st Floor said...

That girl you linked to from Ole Miss looks like any girl I can go see at Tiffany's on Northside Drive in Atlanta any day of the week. Nothing at all to write home about.

Anonymous said...

I've been to all the SEC campuses but Fayetteville and Gainesville, and, like you, most of them multiple times, and I think that both of you are selling the Kentucky girls short. I have always felt they were the most underrated in the SEC, anyway, so I guess that's consistent.

Otherwise...well done!

Anonymous said...

I went to UK for sometime before transfering in to UGA and all I can say is Kentucky girls get selled real short. Sure, UK is smaller in population than UGA, so they'll obviously be a less number of girls, but there was a lot of eye candy. The only difference is they don't dress up as much for football games/class as the girls at UGA do. So that might skew the hotness a bit, however I assure there are plenty of hot girls. Its just that once it hits winter there its so nasty the ladies aren't worried about dressing up.

Based on my perceptions I would put Kentucky in the top 3-4. But 5 sounds about right, but I believe they're right up with the top schools for hot coeds.

Anonymous said...

It's kind of like the PGA Tour Championship of the top 30 money winners. Even if you finish in last place, you are still GREAT. Having said that, Clay must have been blindfolded in Tuscaloosa and Gainesville. Anyone who was in the Grove for Georgia-Ole Miss knows first and second place are SOLID.

Anonymous said...

I am a Georgia gal, so of course I think we should come in first. I was at Georgia-Ole Miss this year and, while they were dressed to the nines, tons of Ole Miss ladies weren't wearing their team colors on game day... boo!

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that Clay attended Vandy law school. Thus, his judgment may be a bit biased.

Anonymous said...

Either he went to school there or the Vandy girls were giving him the Sugarloaf treatment.

Anonymous said...

I made my first trip out to Ole Miss this year and I would definitely agree with the #1 ranking.

Anonymous said...

I'm a UGA grad who's been working in Nashville for the last several months, and I must say, I've been shocked by the quality of women on and around the Vandy campus. I would have never agreed with Clay's ranking previous to this, but having seen it first hand, they definitely deserve to be highly ranked.

SlawDawg said...

I hate to do this, being a benidict arnold. I went to the UF UCF game last year in gainville and have never seen hotter girls...even in athens. Whats different about UF girls is that they wear bikinis to the games

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