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January 9, 2007

Tony Barnhart had the Dawgs at #16

He has his early look at next year's Top 25 up. We're at #16.

I didn't realize that next year Auburn travels to LSU, Arkansas, Florida and Georgia. Even with all that he has the Aubies as #14.

The AP and Coaches polls come out later today. Hopefully, we ended the season ranked.



Anonymous said...

Tony is becoming more clueless with each year. No I am not talking about where he has us placed but the rest of the poll.

S.A.W.B. said...

Final AP poll has us at #23. Not bad. I would have had us at about #20, following up the destruction of Auburn, Yech, and VT, but #23 isn't too shabby.

Anonymous said...

Auburn's schedule next year will take out even the best of teams. Case in point, LSU's this year: Florida, Tennessee, Auburn, Arkansas all away.

It's hard to play that many good teams and escape without a couple losses.

Canton Bulldog said...

Of course, Auburn had all of their hard games in 2006 in the state of Alabama. It is amazing to me that their fan base did not get more upset with their record.

Think about it ... the Tigers had 8 home games including Florida, LSU, Arkansas, and Georgia. Their away games were in Tuscaloosa, Oxford, Starkville, and Columbia. Their schedule was set up for a major run.

They returned most of their skill position playmakers and had a good nucleus on defense - yet they could not even make it into the BCS.

I figured they would have a lot more grumbling about disappointments, new coaches, etc. than there has been. Perhaps the fact the Bama was much worse this year kept things in perspective for the Plainsmen.

S.A.W.B. said...

ESPN has the final coaches poll up as well. The coaches have UGA at #26, for all intents and purposes. Have I mentioned lately how strongly I hate the 'Coaches', or rather, the assistant-jockstrap-gatherer-who-fills-out-the-coaches-ballot poll?

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I put the Dawgs at #19 in my final Blogpoll ballot -- maybe a teensy bit optimistic, but still, if they can reel off three consecutive ranked-team upsets to close out the season, how many teams can you really count them out against? Hawaii lost to Alabama early in the year -- do the coaches really think we wouldn't be able to do that? And what the hell is Virginia Tech doing above us in either poll?

My only guess is that they're still thinking, "Eesh, lost to Vanderbilt," but you'd think that Auburn (5)/Georgia Tech (15)/Virginia Tech (14) to end the season would hold a lot more relevance than a game played three months ago when we didn't even have a starting QB decided upon.

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