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January 6, 2007

UGA Names LSU's Stacey Searels as OL Coach has the story. It's a great pick-up. I did something a few hours ago on Brad Scott and Searels. Looks like I was more behind than I thought. lol. Check that out for some more bio links and what not. Bottom line, he's from Trion, Georgia originally. Anyone that knows me, knows that I have no earthly idea where Trion is. However, Google Maps says it's due north of Rome, Georgia. So I'll take their word for it.

Anyway, Searels played for Pat Dye and Neil Callaway at Auburn, and he played a few years in the NFL. He was an All-American offensive lineman in 1987. His most recent coaching stop was at LSU for the past four years. Two years with Saban and two with Miles.

I think this is a HUGE hire for Richt. Searels is a proven SEC winner as an assistant and a player. As a player and coach...
    National Title - 2003 at LSU
    SEC Titles - 2003 at LSU and 1987 at AU (Player)
    SEC West Titles - 2003 and 2005 at LSU
    CUSA Title - 2002 at Cincy
    Undefeated Season - 1993 at Auburn (Grad Assistant)
When Searels first went to LSU, he wrote an article for American Football Monthly magazine. It's hard core nuts and bolts about the OL drills he teaches.

Also, while serving as an assistant at Appalachian State, Searels was awarded the NCAA's Award of Valor. The Award has only been given 8 times since 1974. It was awarded for his for act of courage following a head-on collision involving a van carrying members of the Mountaineer football team and support staff on Sept. 30, 2000.

With the Appalachian State van burning, Searels pulled out two staff members, who were trapped in the vehicle (11 other passengers in the van were able to escape on their own). Moments after Searels got the two staff members to safety, the van was engulfed in flames. Searels, who had been traveling on the team bus behind the van, had saved the life of his student assistant coach (Jonathan Taylor) and assistant athletic trainer (Tony Barnett). Taylor, who was airlifted to a hospital, spent three weeks in intensive care before making a complete recovery.

The NCAA Award of Valor honors those who, "when confronted with a situation involving personal danger, averted or minimized potential disaster by courageous action or noteworthy bravery."

So, basically...he's a badass person and coach.

Incidentally, if Les Miles loses his OC/QB Coach Jimbo Fisher to FSU or Bama and his OL coach in one offseason, how will it affect his recruiting and preparations for 2007.


Update: The AJC has their article on the hiring up.


Anonymous said...

From the useless trivia department, Trion GA is also the home of Braves "legend" Rick Camp. Looks like a great hire, and a welcome "home" to Coach Searels.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Hire!!Thank God BS didn't land at UGA - he's a moron & not worthy of our program,
Welcome back to Georgia - Stacy!

Anonymous said...

Hairy dawg - Brad Scott failed at USuC, but that doesn't make him a moron. People I respect in the coaching community think he's actually a good coach who was in a very difficult situation. That said, I think it is clear that Searles is a great, great hire, on just about every front imaginable: leadership, coaching, recruiting. I worry a little that he will be a HC sooner rather than later, but all the good ones have that possibility.

Wes Wolfe said...

I dunno -- I think Brad Scott could use a room at the place colloquially known in Columbia as Bull Street.

Also, FSU's rescinding its job offer to Jimbo. Now we can see if Saban can lure him to Tuscaloosa.

Anonymous said...

Trion High School, where Searles played (mascot is also the Bulldogs)is part of Region 6, a single A division that covers primarily north Georgia. The last high school ball game that I played, my assignment was Stacy Searles. The first three times I blocked him, I kicked his legs out from under him. The fourth time I tried it, he body slammed me, dove on me and drove me into the ground. Let's just say that I didn't try that again. And of course, we lost. We always lost to Trion.

Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that AU has an old Bulldog offensive lineman as OL coach and we now have an old Tiger offensive lineman as OL coach.

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