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January 19, 2007

Uncle Ron is Back on ESPN -- The Voice Returns

Last year, ESPN demoted legendary broadcaster Ron Franklin to ESPN2. This year, they are bringing him back to cover the ESPN Primetime College Football Games (Source:

He is the voice of college football today, and it'll be great to hear him back in his rightful place doing the big games.

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Check out Franklin at his best doing the Auburn vs. Georgia intro before the 2005 telecast.



Anonymous said...

sept 1st, 2007. 7:45 pm est. Ron Franklin introduces the 07 Dawgs to the rest of the nation, so they may take notice of the next SEC Dynasty. Pokes, show up. Feed yourselves. Hit on our women. Have a great time, because the ballgame will be unpleasant.

Anonymous said...

About damn time. He is by far the best college TV announcer. No unnecessary hyperbole, no repeated "I think they should try the run pass option here" crap like they did on Fox for the BCS (Charles Davis is an idiot. He wasn't good enough to be the halftime guy for the JP). Seriously, have you ever seen any worse coverage those those Fox games? Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long know absolutely nothing about CF, and spent most of that game talking about Bradshaw's hair.

Whereas Ron Franklin tells you what's most important, down and distance, how much time is left, who's under center, "6'4" sophomore out of Monroe, LA." His touchdown calls are classy. 15-10-5 touchdown [insert team name.] The he lets the video, which we can all see, speak for itself. The fact that they put him on the deuce at weird times last season was crap.

Anonymous said...

Unless I misread it, that article doesn't say that Ron is coming back to the ESPN primetime slot, just that he isn't leaving. I hope that's the case though. I completely agree that his demotion was crap--was it a result of his calling Holly Rowe "sweetheart"?

Anonymous said...

If that clip doesn't make your stuff hard, nothing will.

Kanu said...

I don't read it that way at all either, but who knows?

That SI article reads "and was reassigned to ESPN2's College Football Primetime." for me the words WAS and ESPN2 both seem to contextually refer to the switch that happened last year rather than indicating a restoration to how things should be.

I sure hope that you and the other person you linked to are right and I am wrong...

Anonymous said...

This is great news- order has been restored. He's a class act- just like bourbon "smells like SEC football", Ron Franklin sounds like SEC football.

Anonymous said...

To us in the south hearing Franklin call the game is as right to us as hearing Keith Jackson call the Rose Bowl.....any other way is just WRONG!....plain WRONG!

sidenote-BILL CURRY makes me wish I was deaf!

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