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February 25, 2007

ESPN's Mark Schlabach Predicts UGA vs. Texas in Fiesta Bowl

Mark is bringing it strong with his Top 20 predictions. He predicts that Georgia will beat Florida in the Cocktail Party, and he lays out his BCS Bowl Game predictions.

It's not a stretch to assume Georgia beats UF this year. After all, the Dawgs are 5-1 vs. the defending national champions over the past 43 years. Georgia vs the champs:
    2004: UGA vs. LSU (home) -- W
    1999: UGA vs. UT (away) - L
    1997: UGA vs. UF (neutral) - W
    1991: UGA vs. GT (away) - W
    1982: UGA vs. Clemson (home) - W
    1965: UGA vs. Alabama (home) - W
Schlabach's BCS Predictions:
    National Title Game: USC vs. West Virginia
    Rose: Cal vs. Wisconsin
    Orange: FSU vs. TCU
    Sugar: LSU vs. Louisville
    Fiesta: Texas vs. Georgia
Anyway, he goes out on a limb so it's worth reading.

Unrelated, but MSNBC also has a recruiting article up that profiles the Bulldogs 2008 class.



Anonymous said...

PWD - Assuming we don't make the national title game, there's no one I'd rather play than UGA in the Fiesta.

Fingers crossed. . .

Anonymous said...

He goes out on lots of limbs. Louisville with a new coach in a BCS Bowl at the same time as West Virginia? TCU in a BCS Bowl? I love TCU but they're not going to a BCS Bowl any time soon. The only games on this list that even look reasonable are Rose and Fiesta. And Ohio State isn't going to be any worse than last year. That doesn't mean a national title shot but it probably does mean a BCS Bowl.

I just wish the Cotton Bowl hadn't turned into a mid-tier. I'd love to see a BCS-calibur matchup between UGA and Texas in Dallas.

Anonymous said...

I don't give a damn about a BCS bowl birth at this time. Our main priority should be to whip the hated Gators in Jacksonville. Sure I want a solid 10-win season but we have GOT to beat Florida!

Anonymous said...

ANYTIME you predict UGA beating the gators you are going out on a limb....Lets face it.This series has been skewed since the NINETEEN EIGHTIES PEOPLE!
I am a loyal Dawg,and I know that sometime in the future this series will,if not flip-flop,will at least even out a little better.
Until then...make me know it.

Anonymous said...

What did the nerds win in 1991?

Anonymous said...

Sorry - typo - 1991. I'll fix it.

Anonymous said...

what makes him think FSU will be back? I know of NO ONE else, even FSU fans, who think that.

Anonymous said...

Anon - I think they'll be back. Here's why:

1. FSU still recruits at an elite level.

2. FSU's offense has sucked since Richt left b/c Jeff Bowden is a wretched offensive coordinator.

3. Jeff Bowden is gone.

4. Their OL has been poorly coach. Their OL coach is gone.

5. Their QB play has been bad. Their QB coach is gone.

Their obstacles to success on the coaching staff are all gone. Why wouldn't a team with Top 5-10 talent not play well if they were well coached?


Anonymous said...

you may be right about FSU, but I surely hope not. The FSU fans I know are about as obnoxious about FSU success as, well, I am about UGA. :)

I still don't think they will make a BCS bowl, but a new year's day bowl would be a big improvement from the last 2 years.

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