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February 28, 2007

Famine, Pestilence, Locust and Suspensions


We've been afflicted by the Fourth Plague of the Sports Apocalypse -- Suspension of a Key Player before the Biggest Game of the Season. Levi Stukes is out for tonight's UK game. Per the AJC:
Senior guard Levi Stukes, the Bulldogs' third-leading scorer and record-setting 3-point shooter, did not make the trip "because of conduct detrimental to the team," a team official confirmed here Wednesday.

Team spokesman Tim Hix would not elaborate on the reasons behind Stukes' suspension but did say it was not because of academics or for running afoul of the law.
With the NCAA tourney on the line going into Rupp Arena on Senior Night, this had better have been worth it for Stukes and Felton.



Anonymous said...

How's the saying go..

Slim just left town?

Anonymous said...

Man, I feel really good about all time I've spent recently pouring over NCAA prognostications, media pundit's opinion's, RPI rankings, etc. This has been my existance as a UGA basketball fan over the last 10 years. Wait 'till you are at the height of your excitement before disapointing the hell out of you. Damn.

Anonymous said...

The rumor is that he verbally abused Felton and blew off team workouts and practices... Man this sucks!! It's kinda strange with Senior Night coming up we will celebrate a suspended player. The big question is will we honor Stukes at all after this fiasco... strange times.

Anonymous said...

Pestilence or petulance?

Man, oh man. As somebody already said, "THIS is Georgia Basketball."

C. Paul said...

Michael Chadwick where are you when we need you........

Anonymous said...

waiting for pwd to say how this and the ensuing loss is felton's fault...

Unknown said...

I haven't said every loss is Felton's fault. I don't think I've said any loss is "his fault."

I've said that his offense usually looks like hell when the other team forces us into half court sets, and he struggles to manufacture points when the three isn't raining.

He isn't a great offense coach. Period.

If you want to interpret that as "it's Felton's fault we lost" then you can.

With Felton you take the good with the bad. Way, way above average recruiter, solid defensive coach and bad offensive coach who is stabilizing the program....but who at some point soon needs to get us to the tourney.

The loss isn't his fault.


Unknown said...

In fact, search this entire site. You show me a single time the word "fault" is associate with a UGA player or Coach's name in any sport.

Mike Adams gets that word quite a bit.

But Felton's never had it next to his here.

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