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February 8, 2007

Well...looks like Mitch Mustain's mom has a blog

The idea that this level of detail about Mustain and the Springdale Trio could come from anyone other than Mustain's mother is pretty tough to put your arms around. It's extremely long winded and one sided. Although, Nutt has made his side pretty clear, so she (or whoever...wink, wink) has every right to air their side.

Hog Blog details As the Hawg Turns.

Out of curiosity, I pasted this into MS Word. It's 14,869 words and 28 pages printed out hard copy. If she was smart, she (or whoever...wink, wink) would've made her case using about 8,000-12,000 fewer words.



C. Paul said...

You know near the end of the movie Tombstone, when Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell) is getting ready to finish Johnny Ringo and the boys off, and he's talking to the 3 guys who came over to help him, and the older guy says (after they've done damage) "I don't have the words" and Wyatt Earp says "I know" - inferring that nothing else needs to be added....that's how I feel about Mitch's Mo....err the Real Hog News Blogger's report.

I've always subscribed to the old axiom that "you can't make the best stuff up." And this is another fine example. Hmmmm, I wonder where MM gets such a high opinion of himself.....

Oh, by the way Mam, the top HS QB of 2005 was in Athens - not Fayetteville.

Trey said...

I think the whole thing can be summed up like this:

Malzahn & Co. are whiny bitches. Nutt is not an offensive mastermind. He may or may not be a stand-up guy, but he has little-to-no control over his program or his friends apparently.

My two cents:

1) Playing Mustain right away was a bad move, but when Casey Dick and Robert Johnson are your alternatives, what are you supposed to do?
2) Hyping McFadden as a Heisman candidate instead of pimping a 7-0 Mustain who got to 7-0 on the back of the defense and the running game is a no-brainer.
3) Arkansas is so screwed up right now that only a Nutt-less fresh start could possibly turn the program around.

Anonymous said...

My favorite sentence of the whole thing........."It was a circus built and constructed by the media and the fans flocked in groves to witness."

I'd like to do a little grove flocking.

And for what it is worth, Casey Dick sucks.

J. L. said...

It was painfully obvious from looking at Arkansas's season that something was amiss. The team played well with Mustain and Dick obviously played worse. However, Nutt refused to play the better player or pass the ball. Unbeknownst to Houston Nutt, you cannot win big games in major college football without some semblance of a passing attack. See Arkansas and Oklahoma, 2006 season.

It appears Mustain has done the right thing in leaving Arkansas. Noone would fault anyone for leaving a job if they were severely misled during hiring about what the job would entail. Please give this kid a break, he was told he would be playing one style of football and found out it would be completely different at Arky.

As a former college athlete, albeit in a much lower profile sport, I do not doubt that a substantial amount of coaches mislead players during the recruiting process. I do not believe an 18-22 year old kid should be expected to uphold their end of the bargain despite the fact that an adult is coming nowhere close to upholding his.

PS - I'm glad CMR kept the freshman playing despite his INT/TD ratio. It looks like that decision may just work out.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I read through all that.

But to be honest, it seemed about 85% on target compared to about 15% pointless whining.

Anonymous said...

After reading about the Mustain soap-opera the last few weeks, I appreciate Matthew Stafford, his family and the UGA coaching staff even much more.

Anonymous said...

He said "Nutt-less".

I wonder if we'll even remember any of this 10 years from now when Mustain is a JV coach at Springdale HS?

It would take a team of world class weighlifters working round the clock for decades for the Springdale gang and their parents to get over themselves.

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