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February 24, 2007

Why did the Dawgs Offer Another Kicker?

Georgia offered Blair Walsh a scholarship. Some in the Bulldog Nation were wondering...why? The video shows why.

The kickoff line in college is being moved back to the 30 yardline from the 35, and our kickoff coverage absolutely blows. We need a big toed monster. His video begins with his high school stats. The kid is something like 22 of 23 inside the 48 yardline over the past two years.

Come. To. Georgia.



Anonymous said...

The perfect combo: Blair Walsh and FGJ.

Actually, looking at his size I wonder if he also had a position to play. He reminds me of Janikowski in physical size and in the size of his kicks.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the flags rippling in that crosswind on the 65 yard practice field goals? Give him two ships and tell him he can bring his girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Impressive. Do you really think CUM is going to let that get out of state?

Anonymous said...

CUM...thats funny.

We need to go after this kid hardcore.

dean said...

Very impressive!
All this kid needs to do watch a couple of UGA games to see how much CMR loves the feild goal. If he comes to UGA Mark "let's kick it" Richt will make an All-American out of the kid.

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