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March 23, 2007

Hoops Suggestion for Next Year: Get the Next Dozier Enrolled

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In Felton's second recruiting season, he signed Robert Dozier out of Lithonia High School. Dozier looked to have the SAT score and the game to help the Dawgs at forward, and he was listed as one of the Top 3-5 players in state. Given our perception, probation and win-loss problems at the time, Dozier looked to be quite the recruiting coup for Felton.

Unfortunately, Dozier's SAT score was flagged by the NCAA Clearinghouse, and he had to spend a year at a prep school instead of at Georgia. Upon completion of his prep tenure, he didn't re-sign with the Bulldogs.

I've heard that UGA admissions was nervous about the scenario surrounding his SAT score being flagged in the first place. Who knows if that's totally accurate or not. Given our issues with Larry Turner and Alexander Johnson's hocus pocus inflated SAT scores, I'm not shocked or uncomfortable with not pursuing or re-signing him.

But not having a player like him is a big deal.

Currently, Dozier is a 6'9" 215 lb forward for the 31-3 Memphis Tigers. LSU, UK, UF and Bama always seems to have long, athletic, agile guys like Dozier stacked up like cord wood. We. Do. Not.

His game reminds me of a taller, more nimble but not as physical Jumaine Jones. That's the closest description of a recent Dawg that I can think of.

In the NCAA Tourney's 2nd Round, he was matched up against All-American candidate Nick Fazekas of Nevada, and he more than held his own when assigned to the senior all-star. On the season he averaged 10 points and 6 rebounds in 25 minutes of play per game.

You can't give Felton credit for recruiting a kid that doesn't enroll. If you did, you'd also have to give Harrick credit for recruiting Alexander Johnson, Larry Turner, Julius Lamptey, etc. While giving Ray Goff credit for signing George Lombard, and Eddie Fogler credit for almost signing Kevin Garnett.

Regardless, Dozier is the type of kid this program MUST find a way to get enrolled. He could've been a huge difference maker on this Georgia team. Felton has proven that he can get a kid like that interested and signed. We just have to cross the finish line with guys like him, and get them enrolled.

While we're on the topic....Gwinnett County is currently loaded with talented guys who might become difference makers like Dozier. After some initial success with signing Mercer, Channing Toney, Louis Williams and Billy Humphrey, our Gwinnett "pipeline" (sic) has cooled considerably. It badly needs to heat back up.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Price, Barnes and Jacob are the first in a long line of athletic big men, although you are certainly right that none of them is a lock to play a big role next year.

Having had Dozier in the fold would have made a big difference this past year and next.

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