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March 12, 2007

Let's look at who didn't make the NIT

In the old days, the NIT would take just about any power conference school with a winning record and a pulse (See: Georgia in Felton's first year). The tournament was restructured two years ago as part of an anti-trust lawsuit against the NCAA. The result was a smaller field, a more transparent process and a more legitimate tournament.

The NIT will never match the NCAA in prestige, and it's organizers understand that. However, it has become a better product since restructuring. It's also not nearly as easy to make the tourney. Just look at the big name schools with winning records that didn't make any post-season tourney this year.

The real March Sadness:
    LSU (17-15)
    UConn (17-14)
    Iowa (17-14)
    Washington (19-13)
    Missouri (18-12)
    Others: Cal, Oklahoma, Wake Forest and Cincy.
I would encourage anyone that can make it to Athens to come out and watch the Dawgs take on Fresno State. If nothing else, it's a great excuse to bark. The program needs all the momentum it can get.

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