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March 26, 2007

Quick Thought on Recruiting

The early commits continued to pour in for the Dawgs. Last week, we landed our 10th commit when Boykin (CB) told the Dawgs "yes."

The All-Star cast continues to gain momentum as we're making huge progress with all-everything A.J. Harmon of Jefferson County. If Harmon pulls the trigger on an early UGA commitment, we could end up with as many as four 5-star kids committed before the season kicks off. (Image: AJ Harmon.

Look at some of these all-stars:
  • AJ Green (WR): Likely #1 WR in the country. Mortal lock for 5 star status.
  • DeAngelo Tyson (DT): One of the Top DTs in the Southeast. Strong candidate for 5 star status.
  • AJ Harmon (OT): Top OL in Georgia, and one of the most saught after linemen in America. A monster (6'8" 6'5" 320+ lbs) in state player at a position of extreme need.
  • Cornelius Washington (DE): Blistering fast defensive end. Another candidate for 5 star status?
  • BJ Brand (OG): Top Guard in State?
  • Dwayne Allen (TE): Top TE recruit in North Carolina. 4 star type kid.
And there's more on the list, and more on the way.

Here's the thing. I don't think "stars" translate to victories. However, I do think that highly recruited kids want to play with other highly recruited kids. Success brings more success. I love the momentum we're showing.

Nothing above is ground breaking news. I just wanted to express my glee with the progress so far.



Anonymous said...

Richard Samuel is another possible 4 or 5 star, and very well thought of. He's also relatively young for his class (still just 16 i think), and plans to enroll early which always helps.

And Harmon, I've seen him measured about 6'5&1/2 paul, not quite 6'8.

Anonymous said...

That Boykin can fly!!! ICYF,S!!!

Unknown said...

Yeah, 6'5" it is.

Although, at this point I might as well have said 7'2".

Anonymous said...

I'm not sold on Harmon. Can't we find a 250-lb guy with bad shoulders to "develop?"

Unknown said...

+1 Stick Jackson

Anonymous said...

D², as of now how many scholarship OL will be available for the opener vs OSU?


Unknown said...

BuzzFan -- All of them except Ian "Tater Salad" Smith who is suspended.

So I guess that makes Chester Adams and Velasco as returning starters + 3 JUCOS + 1 or 2 Prep kids + several HS kids.

The numbers will be there. The experience will not.

peacedog said...

Chester Adams (sr), Bubba Velasco(sr), C Davis (R-frosh), J Davis (r-frosh), Trinton Sturdivant (HS), Justin Anderson (prep), Scott Haverkamp (juco), Vince Vance (juco), Tanner Strickland (HS), Kevin Perez (r-frosh) are currently on the roster and eligible. Ian Smith (r-soph or jr, I forget) is of course on the roster and not eligible.

To the best of our knowledge, at this time they'll be joined by Ben Harden (prep), Chris Little (HS), and Clint Boling (HS). There is no third Juco because the kid decided to go eslewhere when our expected mid year spots didn't all open up.

As Paul notes, we'll be short on experience.

Anonymous said...

David Ching is reporting that Tanner Strickland is going to be arrested as part of a fake ID investigation.

I guess he was going to redshirt anyway, but man, playing OL at Georgia is getting to be like being the drummer is Spinal Tap.

Unknown said...

right - 2 JUCOs. Not 3.


Chuck said...

+2 for stick jackson

Also, Richard Samuel is our 3rd highest profile recruit right now behind Green and Tyson. Junior All-American for rivals, strong chance at a 5* rating.

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