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April 15, 2007

College Football Around the Southeast

Let's look at recent college football headlines across the Southeast. Obviously, we'll start with the Georgia Bulldogs.
  • Willie Martinez is searching for more playing time for Reshad Jones. The article also talks about Richt working to rebuild Kris Durham's confidence (AJC). Reshad looks to have the ball hawking skills of a Sean Jones with the hitting of at least a Kentrell Curry. That's a whale of a combo....if he can learn the mental part of the game. (Jones Image: Football Huddle 3.0 by BeastieDawg)

  • The AJC's Chip Towers fesses up. He says that he initially believed that Mike Bobo becoming offensive coordinator was nothing more than a token/symbolic move by Richt. However, he talks about that clearly not being the case. Bobo is his own man. I have to admit that I felt the same was as Towers initially. I'm glad that it looks like I was wrong.

  • Recruiting continues to blow doors. We have four of the Top 100 recruits commited already, and we have a great shot at two more from Georgia (Harmon and Butler).

  • Virginia Tech has launched a research project focused on studying brain injuries caused by violent football collisions. They are installing accelerometers and wireless transmitters to record impact forces during VT practices and games. They hope the data will lead to equipment improvements for different positions. Obviously, they also want to know when someone's marbles have been knocked loose during a game. Groo also has a great take on it.

  • The Gamecocks had a lopsided Spring Game with the defense outplaying the first team offense in a big way. Spurrier expressed his frustration with Blake Mitchell's performance (13-39, 150 yards, 2 INTs and 1 TD). He also wasn't thrilled with the Coot's OL saying, "We’re in dire straits (on) the offensive line right now. We’re not very good. It’s as simple as that." But the SC defense, which returns 10 starters, is promising. My worry about the UGA vs. SC game is pretty simple. Their front 7 looks hells bells, and our front 5 may start 2 FR offensive line. If our OL holds up, we're going to make it six in a row vs. the Chickens.

    Nix calls for the Spike (Image: Anti-Orange Page)

  • In case you missed it last week, Miami Hurricane Offensive Coordinator Patrick Nix extended his legacy of making defenses look amazing. The Canes' spring game was a 7-0 affair. If you're playing the Canes this year, first one to 20 wins. - pwd


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