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April 27, 2007

Hebron arrested again

David Ching, Columbus-Ledger reporter, says Akeem Hebron was cuffed and stuffed for underage possession of booze last night. Thank heavens we have Chief Wiggum to keep our young men save from the evil fire water.

When I was in school ('90-'94) many bars would serve you without a fake ID. Even if you were so babyfaced that you could still land a free baseball bat on kid's night at Fulton County Stadium (trust me on this one). The idea of a football player getting pinched for enjoying a cold brew in a scenario not involving fistacuffs, public nekkidness or Dean Wormer's daughter was way beyond reality.

If our football players can't enjoy a refreshing cocktail, the terrorists have already won.



Anonymous said...

It must be a lot harder to drink now than when I was at UGA as an underage drinker in the early 90's. I NEVER had a fake I.D. Didn't need one. I'd say less than half of my friends had one.

Once again, we have another example of just how scrutinized the life of an athlete in a big-time program is these days -- even an athlete who has yet to do anything on the field. Once again, we would not have even heard about this pre-internet age. Really, who cares if the dude has a cold one?

Quinton McDawg said...

The ABH reports some other disturbing facts about the case. Hebron reportedly made threatening gestures to a bouncer that wouldn't let him in the Village Idiot. The bouncer flagged down the cops. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Can we just have a bar at Butts-Mehre where the players can drink in peace? We also need a dedicated car service to take them back to the dorms.

Anonymous said...

I graduated in '95 and like you didn't need a fake ID.
However, these kids are on a full scholly to play ball. With that free ride comes responsibilities - like not embarrassing the crap out of the program by your stupidity! If Ian Smith got a 6 game suspension, then Akeem sure as hell deserves the same.
The good 'ol days in Athens are gone & the playres need to get used to towing the line. Like it or not, that's the way it is.
If Akeem has a problem with straightening his ass out, then I'm sure SCUm or Florida will welcome him with open arms.... and nary a suspension.

blackertai said...

Hell, I was underage here two years ago, and I never used a fake. I could drink almost anywhere, and only had problems with places like the G-Spot and other "upscale" places. You've got to be grade-A stupid to threaten a bouncer anyways...the first rule of underage drinking is get out of there if you get caught. He realized you had a fake, so book it. There's always another night.

Anonymous said...

by the way, PWD: Dean Woermer didnt have a daughter, though he DID have a wife who was, shall we say, light on virtue.

The authority figure in Animal House with a daughter was the Mayor of the town of Faber, Carmine DiPasto. Said daughter was famously deposited on her father's front porch, drunk and in a shopping cart, by callow young freshman Larry Kroger.

I realize Animal House came out years before you were born, but have a little respect for the classics.

Anonymous said...

As Kyle hinted above, a little self-policing by the football team would be nice.

They could learn something from most fraternities.. a couple pledges each night are designated DD's and if any of the brothers need a ride/help/etc, they give 'em a ring.

I'm more mad at the V.I. bouncer than Akeem.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Eddie Murphy was right...

When you think of garbage, think of Akeem!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have to call BS on that 2 years ago thing, blackertai. 2 or maybe even 3 years ago now I forgot that my original liscense had expired around my birthday one summer and tried to go out like 2 weekends in a row before i got it renewed, and I got all kinds of shit at almost every door I went to. I was like, but you can clearly see I am old enough, it has my fricken birthday on there, expired or not. I was born in 82, I am old enough. Lots of em acted like total douchebags and still wouldn't let me in. There's a difference between doing your job and being an asshole, lots of those door guys seemed to get off on being pricks. But I'm sure it'd have been a different story if I were a known football player... or more importantly, had breasts and a short skirt on.

Anonymous said...

In my day, which was just a couple years ago, I could get in with any real ID or good fake, so long as I knew the info. Since my awesome one got taken up over summer break one year I never got a new one, but used random ones I could get, and I never got hosed, even posing as a Hispanic kid once or twice. My buddy managed to get in with his older brother's ID in which the pic had a mullet. The bouncer loved it so much he started showing it all around, made my buddy nervous, but we were all good anyway.

I only had one incident where there was a hint of danger, and the rule was to never let the guy have your ID outright but hold it out for him and if he started to get suspicious, yank it back and walk away.

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