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April 9, 2007

UGA vs. UT Kickoff Time Rumors

Later starts require more "equipment" (Image: BusinessWeek)

Back in January, I put together an ultra early look at our 2007 season projected kickoff times. In Sunday's AJC, Tony Barnhart discussed his Top 5 Season Openers. He also mentioned that CBS is working with the SEC to schedule some unusual double headers.

Normally, CBS schedules 2 double headers per year. The first is generally the week of UT vs. UF. That game gets the primetime night slot and another powerhouse game like AU vs. LSU gets the 3:30 slot. The second double header game is generally a noon start and a 3:30 slot later in the season.

Many people thought Oct. 6th (UGA vs. UT and UF vs. LSU) would be one of the double header weekends. However, it was assumed that this would be the 3:30 + noon setup. Thus, putting UGA vs. UT at risk for a noon kickoff or forcing ESPN to use a wildcard to televise the game at night. Well, Barnhart's info suggests that Georgia vs. Tennessee would be the 3:30 pm kickoff while UF/LSU would be a primetime start.

The good news: The night game scenario on the road is avoided as Vol fans will have four fewer hours to get liquored up for our tangle in Richt-Neyland stadium. Plus, the noon game requires spending the night in Knoxville whereas the 3:30 start lets you go in Navy Seal style. In and Out. In other news, most of my predictions are lining up pretty soundly.


ht - Jim From Duluth


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a start date for Fall practice?

Unknown said...

Usually the 1st or 2nd week of August.

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