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May 30, 2007

Breaking News: UGA Kickoff Times Confirmed for Oklahoma State and South Carolina

Invest in tailgate supplies early

Dean Legge just broke the story that ESPN2 will televise the Georgia Bulldogs first two games of the season.
    Oklahoma State at Georgia -- 6:45 pm (EST)
    South Carolina at Georgia -- 5:45 pm (EST)
Tailgate Time in America.

It's what I expected and hoped would happen so I'm thrilled to damn death. If twilight kickoffs aren't your cup of tea, there are seven home games this year. There will likely be a healthy mix of 1:00 games (Troy and Western KentuckyWestern Carolina likely), 12:30 games (Kentucky and Ole Miss are candidates) and 3:30 starts (Auburn and Kentucky are both candidates). The schedule will probably have something for everyone.

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Crane said...

My brain cells eagerly await their own demise.

Joel said...

Thank god.
I got tired of tailgating for breakfast last season.

SlawDawg said...

i'm so happy. oh so happy. so happy.

Andrew said...

This is making up for last year's horrendous home schedule.

The 31st Floor said...

Hopefully the Maker's bottles I buy on gameday will once again be the red and black wax dipped ones from Red and Black Package on Onconee.

Anonymous said...

Western Kentucky is SO last year.

Anonymous said...

YES! This is awesome.

JasonC said...

Somebody get Hebron a cab to the game, please.

Unknown said...

You got me. Western Carolina

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