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May 18, 2007

Felton lands 2007 Recruit

Troy Brewer is a 6'5" 180 lb shooting guard from Maryland. He is the fifth recruit to sign his letter of intent for Georgia's 2007 basketball recruiting class. He has been described as a shooter, a late bloomer and a kid that flew under the radar.

He didn't start for his high school team until his senior year; however, he was Kevin Durant's backup the prior years. That hopefully explains how he flew under the radar. (Image:

When I say he was under the radar, imagine a drug smuggler flying a single engine plane about two feet off the water over the Gulf of Mexico. We're talking way, way under the radar. His other offers appear to have been Loyola-Maryland, George Washington and American. I'm assuming "American" is an actual college, and not the Selective Service.

Well...he wasn't flying this low.

I don't say any of those things to bash the kid.

He could pan out huge, and I hope he does. We took Jarvis Hayes away from Western Carolina, and he ended up being an NBA lottery pick. So anything can happen.

This kid could very well pan out and become a solid player like some of Felton's other hidden gems like Woodbury, Stukes and Gaines. But he could also become a Marcus Sikes, Dave Bliss, Steve Newman or Rashaad that play almost exactly like their offers suggested they would play.

The difference between being a "diamond in the rough" and "just being rough" is where coaches make their money. And where bloggers spend their time second guessing.

All I know is that it's very difficult to improve your program by consistently out recruiting programs that your fans can't find on a map. I had hoped we were past that phase of recruiting.

What confuses me most about the offer is that we have 13 kids in state for 2008 that are Top 150 caliber kids. Around twice that many will sign scholarships with power conference programs from Georgia. With so much blue chip talent in state in 2008, we're spending a scholarship for a kid that's only other shot at a Power Conference roster spot was likely as a walk-on. And we're going all the way to Maryland to do that?

I don't really get that. We now have only two scholarships left for the 2008 recruiting class. Despite it's deep nature in state.

I also have trouble seeing Brewer (15 points/game in HS) as some sort of "Plan B" if Mercer's knee won't hold up next year. Why can't Billy Humphrey and Terrence Woodbury be coached up into that shooter role? Both have nice strokes. Humphrey averaged 30 a game in HS, but he's a timid shadow of his former self. Woodbury has the shot selection of Derrick Dukes, but a sweet jumper. Both seem like more realistic options for helping replace Mercer's minutes if necessary.

I've generally defended Felton's recruiting; although, I've suggested that it needs to accelerate at the same rate as his obstacles to success have gotten smaller. It's hard for me to understand this offer in the context of what's available in 2008 and who else thought this kid was worth an offer.

It seems like Dennis Felton is putting an awful lot of eggs into making the NCAA Tourney this year. I don't fault him for that. I just wonder if this really gets us any closer or meeting that pressing / imminent need.



Anonymous said...

Your post made me laugh a little, but I feel the need to offer some balance. Face it, we aren't going to get McDonald's All Americans for a while. Hey, we didn't get them with Durham, Tubby, or Harrick, either. But, that's okay. Case in point: Sundiata; he may be the best point guard in the SEC, and for sure he's one of the top three. He "flew under the radar" somewhat also. I am just saying that CDF is no longer desperate for warm bodies and I think he must see something to be excited about.

JasonC said...

6'5" 180 lbs? Get that boy a Snickers bar.
American is a university in the DC area- most of the people I have know from there either have been in journalism or are Jewish (or both).

Anonymous said...

Louis Williams
Damien Wilkins
Jumanie Jones
Shaun Golden
Carlos Strong
Litterial Green

All were McDonald's All-Americans.

In 1980, Hugh signed Terry Fair, Vern Fleming and James Banks. In 1979, he signed 'Nique. All 4 were McDonald's All-Americans.

Alumni List:

I didn't suggest that Felton should be expected to sign McDonald's guys all over the place. I suggested he should try and sign in state guys ranked in the Top 150. McDonald's is only the Top 25 or so guys.


Anonymous said...

It's all part of his 12 year plan guys, just wait and see the reward!! : D

Anonymous said...

My line was: Below the radar? He's below the sonar. Which ships send down in the water. To find submarines. Anyway ...

Felton signed a strong class, with Price, a Top 70 national big man from in state; Barnes, another talented big from GA and Jacob, a national Top 150 guy from prep school. This was a guy, perhaps a reach, to fill a perceived need and fill out the class.

Anonymous said...

Stick- you're right. It doesn't undo the quality of the other 4 signees.

But it's still a confusing signee.

Anonymous said...

Was just talking about this yesterday with two friends of mine and my thoughts were pretty much identical to yours. We have a ton of talent instate. We are rumored to have a less than stellar rep with at least some coaches instate. And we go and sign a kid who appears that he won't be ready to contribute until '08 anyway? Why not put more effort into landing one of the '08 kids that can be a difference maker?

This just makes no sense to me, particularly given that we have 12 scholarship players on board already. I could have seen this move two years ago. I don't see the reason for it now. I hope the kid plays above his ranking, but I'm somewhat concerned that we aren't shooting for the top 100 talent instate. I don't expect us to land all the guys like Aminu and Thompkins. But there are plenty of other good players in Georgia that should be realistic options for us.

Anonymous said...

I live two blocks from the American University here in NW DC. My wife just finished up her Master's from there and suprisingly she is neither Jewish nor majored in Journalism (idiot).

They play is in the mighty Patriot League, with high-powered competition like Bucknell, Army, Navy, Holy Cross, Lehigh, and Colgate.

Anonymous said...

It's very possible that Felton is feeling pressure from above to make the NCAA tourney in 2008. It may be a silent "significant improvement" requirement from Evans.

Anonymous said...

anon- are you saying your wife is an idiot or the other guy?

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