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May 11, 2007

Oklahoma State Post-Spring Breakdown

Local Okie TV breaks down the Cowboys.

HT - blackdeathD from message board.



JasonC said...

Hmm... looks like they have some talent on O and play pretty wide open. But I saw nothing and heard nothing about the D. So it could be a a high scoring game.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and with Bobo calling the shots now and Stafford with a year under his belt and all, even with a new line and potential lingering WR issues I still have a feeling our Offense will be a lot better this year and possibly outshine the Def for a change. Having Oliver at corner certainly helps, but I believe we're REALLY gonna miss Tony Taylor this season... bad. He was just always in position to make a play and I'm not sure the guy we're currently slotting at Mike can handle it.

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