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May 3, 2007

This and That Headlines

The Bulldog Road Show is in full swing, and Richt and Felton talked about program progress at the Middle Georgia Bulldog Club. The Macon Telegraph has their take on it. Richt talks about Coach Searels, Coach Bobo, being more active in recruiting, his wife's fight with cancer and Thomas Brown.

In scholarship news, Georgia steered clear of NCAA problems on the APR front (Savannah News). Most of our kids are making solid progress academically; although, the men's track and baseball teams need a bit of work. See Also: Dawgs Make the Grade AJC.

Coach Van Halangar put the players through some 40 yard dash drills when the NFL scouts were in town last week. Most impressive was Brandon Wood (270+ lb Defensive Tackle) who blistered the track at 4.66. Other impressive times from Bryan Evans, Remarcus Brown and others are discussed. (AJC)

And ESPN2 talks with Terrell Bierra (2001 team) about battling with Hurricane Katrina's aftermath and his own NFL career. It's a great read.

On the humor side:
-- EDSBS has revised Auburn's fight song in light of recent events. (ht -

-- Mangino vs. Weis caption contest (Mzone)



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