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May 30, 2007

Video: Ben Jones at the Camp

Last weekend hosted an invitation only camp at Georgia Tech. Many of you have already heard that Bibb County Alabama's Ben Jones (6'3" 290 lb OL) exploded at the camp, and totally dominated every pash rusher in sight including big A.J. Harmon.

Scott Kennedy of uploaded the video to his myspace page. Prior to showing out this weekend, his only other offer was Troy. To quote Kennedy, "It doesn't take 20 years of coaching experience to have a pretty good idea that Jones' offer list is about to rise."

Ben Jones 1v1 Elite Camp

The AJC reports that UGA is his "dream school." (scroll to the bottom) Keep an eye on this one.



Anonymous said...

Sign him up, the train's getting full.

Dawgnoxious said...

The good news is that Ben "Cooter" Jones can fix Marquis Elmore's car if/when it breaks down. And he'll make a hell of a congressman one day too.

C. Paul said...

Now that's how you finish your blocks. Very nice. I'll take him against OKST on the 1st at 6:45PM EST.....

Anonymous said...

Stinchcomb II? Very impressive indeed.

Anonymous said...

Sign him up before Saban gets a hold of him. Great feet and good balance. We need him now! Those pass rushers have terrible technique.

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