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May 15, 2007

Wednesday Quick Hits

Odell Thurman may have an opportunity to redeem himself if reinstated. ESPN quotes Coach Marvin Lewis: "I have been in contact with Odell and he has an opportunity to be reinstated," Lewis, speaking for the first time about Thurman's future with the franchise, said on a local radio show. "He'll have had to ... [follow] the very strict NFL guidelines to get to that point and then, obviously, if he is reinstated, to go forward. And if that happens, he'll have an opportunity [to return]."

Recruiting News:
Martin Ward may be waffling, but DeAngelo Tyson is firm in his commitment to UGA.

Not Football, but...whoa.
Pit bull picks ill-advised fight with a porcupine.


Anonymous said...

Just heard a horrible rumor that Paul Oliver flunked out of school!!?!?!

any truth to this? God, i hope not!!!

Anonymous said...

DAMN! What does a quill-less porcupine look like?

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