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June 4, 2007

Hoops Scheduling: Hawai'i trip update

As previously reported, the Georgia Bulldog basketball team plans to play in the Rainbow Classic tournament Dec. 19-22, 2007. The Honolulu Advertiser has an update on the field for the tourney.

(Image: the downside to the beach scene)

Apparently, Northwestern (2007 RPI: 177) has dropped out of the field. Washington State dropped out a few weeks ago, and Georgia took their spot.

The tourney is now looking for two teams to field the final spot.The field now includes(2007 RPI from
    Georgia (63)
    Hawaii (98)
    Ohio University (105)
    St. John's (133)
    St. Mary's (154)
    Louisiana-Lafayette (270)
Additionally, the Advertiser reports that the Hawai'i Rainbows are expected to make a return trip to Athens for the 2009/2010 season.

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Anonymous said...

Roy Williams wants to return to the Rainbow Classic, not sure if they can get in this year or not.

Anonymous said...

That's an unauthorized use of my likeness!!! I am so suing you!! ;-)

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