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June 7, 2007

Larry Munson could read the phonebook...

...and it would probably get me jacked up. Last year, I cobbled together my own version of the pre-game Munson Battle Hymn video. Since it's a slow day, I figured I'd repost it.

I get asked quite often, "How did you find the Munson Voice Over?" Well, that's the perk of being a world famous blogger. Sometimes random things just fall in your lap.

BTW -- speaking of "a new breed of bulldog" which is getting ready to take the field of battle. Mark Richt got his 13th commitment ( for the 2008 recruiting class with Jeremy Long (6'4" 225 lb). Longo is a defensive end who turned down the backyard Hurricanes to play for UGA. Yeahcomeon.

In more immediate news, stud WR Israel Troupe has enrolled at Georgia, and he's on campus. The next 48 hours are critical for Troupe as the MLB draft begins today. The AJC and ABH both talked with Troupe about the situation.

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Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

STRONG, Westerdude.


Cash Mag-Direct Mail Ads in Savannah., GA said...

Great Stuff Paul. Love to get chills. And you delivered.
A nice edit would be Shockley to Bailey in the SEC Championship Game and to someow get a still of Shock accepting the MVP trophy with that big smile on his face with Demarion and CMR next to him to cover the 2005 season. (I think Jim hipple sent you one of those) Wish that Munson bit was longer.

Anonymous said...

What time does the draft start?

Sean said...

Troupe was selected in the 31st round (out of 50 rounds) #942 overall by Colorado.

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