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June 19, 2007

Munson thinking of Stepping Down???

Josh Kendall got one whale of a scoop tonight.

He says Munson is "50-50" on coming back for 2007. The story is at For more on the story, check Kendall's article.

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(ht on the GT video - judge carbo)


JasonC said...

I would hate to see Munson retire, but maybe they can groom someone now and on some of the bad road trips they could have the new guy go. So Larry would do all the home games, Tech and some of the easier road games and then they "go to the 'pen' on some of the late night road games.

Anonymous said...

If it was to be his last season, I wonder if he would make it publicly known. The Dawgs play at both Tennessee and Tech this year. I doubt he would get a fair reception at either place.

Anonymous said...

Eventually, even the great Larry Munson will hand off his microphone to someone. I just hope and pray it isn't that asshat Jeff Dantzler. Dantzler's not fit to have one of Larry's cigars snuffed out on his head.

Anonymous said...

And just who, Anon 2:22, would you trot out there as a replacement? Personally, I feel that JD would do a hell of a job. So would Scott Howard, even Hondo.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:32: Don't you think other fans are respective of his tenure and addition to college football as a whole? Here in Alabama they've been playing Munson's greatest calls on the radio all afternoon in appreciation. I think other teams will give him the respect he deserves.

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