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June 22, 2007

Munson Update: Hunker Down One More Time!

The incomparable Dan Magill, former UGA sports information director and hall of fame tennis coach, calls for Munson to Hunker Down for one more season.

The AJC has a really nice interview with Scott Howard. He talks about his passion for the Dawgs, and he respectfully excitement over the possibility of filling in for Munson on the road games. I've always liked his work with basketball, and he's a pretty good guy. He's also roughly the same age as Larry was when he came to Georgia.

Mark Bradley also did a piece on Munson yesterday talking about how he can never be replaced. Bill King, the AJC's UGA fan writer, also talks about the difficulty of replacing a legend.

Josh Kendall's update on the story centers around an interview with Neil "Hondo" Williamson of WSB. They remain hopeful that Larry will do home and away games, but it's clear that they're taking it day by day and week to week next year.

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