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June 20, 2007

Update on Munson Situation from AJC

The AJC has the latest. Apparently, Damon Evans and Larry Munson talked for quite a while on Tuesday morning to discuss contingencies if Munson should decide to step away. I have a feeling that this comes down to the last minute.

Worst case scenario, I hope he agrees to telecast one more home game. That way we can all say Thank You and Farewell properly.

The Athens Banner Herald's editorial comes to a similar conclusion. Unfortunately, the article starts in such a train wreck of uncomfortable and clumsy comments that it's awkward to read.

Here's to Munson. May he take as long as he needs.



C. Paul said...

Would this work: transition to his replacement (Scott Howard) during road games this year? That way Larry wouldn't have to travel and we could, as you said, "say TY and Farewell properly".

If he's that miserable traveling, it is probably time; although I can't even imagine what it will sound like.......

Anonymous said...

The ABH article started horribly. It's almost like he started out writing that Munson should go ahead and quit, then changed his mind.

I am outside of radio range so I don't get to listen to him that much anymore, but some of my best memories come from Munson's calls. No matter what, though, he has to do one more home game, and give the fans a chance to tell him how much we appreciate him.

Anonymous said...

WTF is John Kaltefleiter?

Anonymous said...

I hear rumors of Skip or Chip Caray taking over. I think we need someone better than what we currently have. We need someone that can start their own legacy. A Buck Belue would be another good option.

JasonC said...

Well, at times Skip definitely has a pessimistic attitude like Munson has, but he is getting older, so might be better to look a little younger.
Skip could do, but he is different type announcer and so he (or anyone for that matter) would have to put up with the comparisons to Larry.

Anonymous said...

If anyone/everyone is as outraged at the opening paragraphs of Kaltefleiter's article, write a note to the ABH editor like I did. I thought it was embarrassing.

DAve said...

Per my buddy in one of Augusta's TV station sports depts, Munson has decided to only do home games this year.

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