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June 5, 2007

Apparently, I Entered the Century Club


Well, I blew it. I missed my chance for a huge blowout celebration last season. I was checking the math, and it turns out that I likely saw my 100th game in Athens against Mississippi State. Thank heavens it was a win.

I'm now part of the century club with 101 home games and rising. We discussed our overall records watching Georgia games last off season. update my stats...

My record since the 1989 season opener vs. Baylor:
    Overall: 124-51 (.709)
    Home: 78-23 (.772)
    Away/Neutral: 46-28 (.622)
By year breakdown:
    2006 - 9-4 (complete season)
    2005 - 10-3 (complete season)
    2004 - 10-2 (complete season)
    2003 - 9-3 (missed Vandy and Citrus Bowl)
    2002 - 13-1 (complete season)
    2001 - 8-4 (complete season)
    2000 - 7-4 (missed Oahu Bowl)
    1999 - 8-3 (missed GT)
    1998 - 9-3 (complete season)
    1997 - 9-2 (missed Vandy)
    1996 - 4-4
    1995 - 5-5 (missed Vandy and Ole Miss)
    1994 - 5-2
    1993 - 2-3 (*Best guess as '93 is a blur of failure and work)
    1992 - 6-2
    1991 - 5-1
    1990 - 4-4
    1989 - 1-1 Baylor and SC has a very handy schedule guide that you can use to research this.

I've now logged six complete seasons. I think the '96 Southern Miss game was the last home game that I missed. However, that could be one of those Prince of Tides moments that I'm blocking out.

If you posted your record at Georgia games last year, you might find it here. Feel free to archive that info here in the comments section. Thanks.



Souletrain said...

I hate homerism, and I might be a little bit biased here, but our 2009 schedule, regardless of who we fill for the week 2 opening, may be the hardest schedule I have ever seen. With the exception of Vandy, every team on that schedule has the possibility of being a bowl eligible team, and it's very possible that 9 or 10/11 teams we play could be ranked at some point during the season. I can not recall such a tough schedule by any team. If someone can find one i'd love to see it.

Unknown said...

I think the open week in '09 is Appy State. But I could be mistaken. Sicemdawgs is usually all over it.

And yes....I can't imagine a tougher run.

Arizona State - home
Auburn - home
South Carolina - home
LSU - home
UK - Home
Appy St - Home
(best home schedule ever!)

Ok State - road
UT - road
UF - Jax
ARK - Road
GT - road
Vandy - Road

Thank heavens that McFadden will be long gone at ARK


Anonymous said...

I've been pretty lucky. Since my first game (UCF in '99) I've seen the Dawgs go 38-7 (84.4%).

Anonymous said...

Oh, for some of the older Alums out there who attended games during the 1940s, remember not to count the GT games since you guys lost those anyways. :P

Unknown said...

Yeah, our able bodied men were fighting the Germans. How inconsiderate of us.

anonymous said...

I'm way behind you -- I've only attended 52 games total -- and I think God punished my fairweather-fandom by making my 50th the Vandy game from this past season. My record is 36-16.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty blessed myself, having been converted from the dark side at the start of the Richt era in 2001. My lifetime record is currently sitting at 28-7. 1-2 in Jax so far, but I think we'll get that up to .500 this year.

Jim Wood said...

Overall: 67-25
Home: 48-12
Away: 15-4
Neutral: 4-9

Now that I'm a dad, I don't go to all of the games anymore. So, it will take me a while to hit the century mark for home games. I should hit it for total games during the 2008 season.

Hassan said...

I too started attending games with the '89 Baylor game. I often think of the Ray Goff years as a dark time in my life. Fortunately, my friends Jim B., Jack D., Evan W. and George D. helped me through it all. And for that reason, I cannot accurately remember which games I attended and which I did not. Now that the fog has lifted, I will get back on pace. Right now I need to book a cheap flight to Phoenix for next year.

Anonymous said...

I'm 10-5 in games I can remember. I know I'm forgetting at least 2 games from when i was little. I'm probably more like 12-5.

first game was Wm. & Mary in 1988 (W)
'88 - Mich St. gator bowl (W)
'91 - UK (W)
Ohio st. citrus bowl (W)
'95 - UVA peach bowl (W)
'96 - so miss (L)
'98 - tech (L)
'01 - UK (W)
'02 - clemson (W)
tech (W)
'03 - tech (W)
sec champ. game LSU (L)
'04 - UT (L)
'06 - USC (W)

JasonC said...

I am a little fuzzy on some games, but I think I am 37-20-1 (.638).
After a great start (15-4) thru 92, things went awry until I made my annual trips to see the Dogs play the state of South Carolina from 00-04 (8-2).

Unknown said...

Anon -- You musta been pretty drunk if you think we won the '95 Peach Bowl vs. UVA. That's the one where Ray kicked it deep after the fumble return TD, and UVA ran the kickoff back to end it.

Are you thinking of the '98 Peach Bowl where Quincy lead us back from 21-0?

Unknown said...

JasonC - I'm that way about '93 and '94. All I remember about '94 was the Vandy (heard on the radio) and Bama loss (in person).

All I remember about '93 was the Timeout Florida game which I heard over the loud speakers at work. And I remember a HUGE crowd of Auburn people on Sanford bridge wanting tix to see the undefeated Tigers whip us in Bowden's first year. I remember nothing about the game.

And I didn't start drinking at games until '02. So I don't really have any booze related excuses. I guess it's just nothing memorable happening.

JasonC said...

FYI- more trouble for Odell

Anonymous said...

Appalachian State has been moved to 2013 per the UGA AA. No concrete date, however.

Anonymous said...

My overall record is 27-6. Another lucky student during the Richt era.

I'm 1-1 in bowls (Sugar, Chicken)
1-0 in SEC championships (LSU 05)
1-1 in Jax. (04, 06)
2-0 road (04 KY, 06 Auburn)
22-4 in Sanford (losses were TN 04, Auburn 05, TN 06, Vandy 06)

Anonymous said...

Added it up, and the Dawgs are 26-9 at games I've attended. Undefeated on the road games, totally defeated on nuetral (of course) and a good home record.

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