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July 23, 2007

Barnhart on SEC Scheduling and Media Days

Mr. College Football has his Top 5 non-conference match-ups listed. He avoided the easy answer of UF/FSU, UGA/GT and SC/CU. Instead he looked at the non-traditional games. I have a couple of disagreements with his list. (sorry I forgot the link earlier)

I would switch FSU vs. Alabama and UGA vs. Ok State. I think the FSU vs. Bama game is much more anticipated. I would also put Auburn vs. Kansas State ahead of the MSU vs. WVU game. West Virginia will beat Sly Croom's bizarro dogs so badly they'll wish they were boarding in Mike Vick's kennel.

Update: Speaking of scheduling...Roll Bama Roll asks...Why is UF's schedule ranked so high (per when Bama's is ranked so low...despite playing virtually the same type of schedule.

As for SEC Media Days...Georgia goes on Friday. TodayWednesday is ARK, SC, AU and UK in that order. Here's the complete schedule. I would imagine that the SEC web site will also have recaps here.


(PS - I won't suck this bad tomorrow. lol)


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Thanks for the heads up! Linked now.

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you mean starting Wednesday?

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i suck bro. just totally suck.

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