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July 19, 2007

Hoops Schedule Rumor: Hawaii Rainbow Classic Update

Memphisdog is the Bob Woodward of Georgia hoops scheduling news. His accuracy rate, especially this late in the off season, is extremely high. Here's his updated field for the December 2007 Rainbow Classic basketball tournament in Hawaii.(last year's RPI listed with team name)
    Georgia - 63
    Hawaii - 98
    Ohio University - 105
    East Tennessee State - 123
    St. Johns - 133
    Tulane - 143
    St. Mary's (Ca.) - 154
    UL-L - 270
If we can win the tourney and avoid playing UL-L, this could be a solid boost to our RPI without taking on any massive risk. Beating Hawaii in their gym isn't without obstacles...crooked refs...cough....cough....crooked refs...cough. But it's not a bad event for us.

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Anonymous said...

Yep. The kind of games we need to play, and a not a bad place to play them.

Anonymous said...

not bad, and hopefully we don't have a trip to Pepperdine right before it. The last time we went played in Hawaii our legs were a lot more than tired.

Anonymous said...

It's not like UGA Basketball hasn't experienced crooked officiating. Alabama and Auburn from last year as well as the Auburn game from 2 years ago are notable examples of us being the victim of corrupt referees.

future me said...

I've been trying to get the line-up for the 2007 Rainbow Classic--and I live here in Honolulu! This is the most solid info on the teams that I've seen. There were rumors that Illinois would be in it, but apparently they'll be playing Hawaii either before or after that great tourney on Maui.

Nice comment on crooked refs, by the way. I see some Dawg fans are already getting their excuses ready. Give me a break! Let's just play the game and get over the whining. I don't think crooked refs contributed to the 'Bows shellacking of Michigan State a couple of years ago (I remember it well because their haven't been so many really outstanding wins since...)

Anonymous said...

I'm acutally very excited about the possible match of ETSU and UGA. I'm an ETSU alum and now work for the athletics department but I grew up a Dawgs fan because my parents are alums and my dad played football there. It would be a very interesting matchup to say the least.

BucHoopsFan said...


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