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August 10, 2007

Richt channels Thorton Melon

"The view from the 10-Meter Platform"
Photo by Brant Sanderlin - AJC (Click to jump to gallery)

Richt took the entire team to the Olympic pool over at the Ramsey Center to blow off some steam yesterday. Coach Richt sets the gold standard for leading by example when he executed a back flip off the 10-meter board.

Can you imagine Joe Pa or Bobby Bowden's wrinkly old asses jumping off a 3-story tower with the players? Bowden would probably just go on an on about how "the triple lindy, dadgumit, is the only dive that matters."

Not to be outdone by Georgia when it comes to impressing potential recruits with aquatic endeavors, Tommy Tuberville announced this morning that Auburn now offers an academic major in "Jumping into the Water." Saban, on the other hand, "Doesn't have time for this sh#t."

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Coach Richt flips for play time (image: Rebecca Hay/

Photo by Trevor Frey - Athens Banner Herald



Anonymous said...

The Triple Lindy!

I haven't thought about that for years. Outstanding reference

Anonymous said...

Ill bet they were happy to be out of the heat. Great idea by Richt.Im glad to see they are having fun. Go Dawgs!

Unknown said...

In addition to the new major, Tuberville hired Kurt Vonnegut to write papers for the football team. Unfortunately, Auburn isn't exactly up on its current events and they are getting quite annoyed that Vonnegut is not producing the papers promised and not answering his phone when called about it.

Anonymous said...

...insert obligatory Fulmer cannonball joke...

It's all fun and games until Matt Stafford does a belly-flop from three stories.

Anonymous said...

Actually Paul, Nick Saban can't have a diving course because as you know from talking to Bama fans, the man walks on water.

Anonymous said...

More diving photos are here.

Anonymous said...

I was at the last NCAA coach's diving tourney:

Nick Saban repeatedly said he had no interest in diving, but all of a sudden he was at the bottom of the pool.

George O'Leary was wearing his Olympic Diving gold medal.

Houston Nutt was texting someone moments before he jumped.

Unknown said...

+ 1 Rodney

JasonC said...

Sean Bailey and Bruce Figgins were cited by the ACC PD for jumping out of turn (misdemeanor)

Anonymous said...

LOL Jason - the sad thing is I almost believed it. Hell, its possible!

Cooler King said...

I hope my eyes are deceiving me... that isn't a keg bucket on the third platform is it? Ar we to assume Staff already threw the damn thing into the pool. On the plus side, if so, the pool would definitely catch it, so it may be a good confidence builder for him.

Anonymous said...

Big deal. Urban Meyer can control the space-time continuum with one well placed point and stare. The guy is a cross between Tom Laughlin in Billy Jack and Neo from The Matrix, and he's not impressed with Thornton Mellon, no matter how many Mellon's Big and Tall Shops the guy owns, triple lindy notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

With Auburn's new major, next thing you know, Brandon Cox (I just got the pun there) ends up pinned to some sophmore named Chip.

Anonymous said...

All i see jumping into the water is some GATOR BAIT!

Tebow that hoe!

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