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August 26, 2007

That was for Pearl Harbor!

The team from Warner Robins just beat the Japanese team to win the Little League World Series. The boys from the South won it on a walk off homer. It was the second year in a row that Team Georgia won the world championship as Columbus, Georgia took the title last year.

We'll see these kids in Athens between the hedges pre-game or at half-time in a few weeks. Until then. Congrats.

Image: Louie Favorite: AJC.



Anonymous said...

What a great game by a well coached team. Conversely, if (Lubbock)Texas had played Japan, I would have pulled for the Rising Sun because the Texas coach is a first-class ass-clown. No wonder no one likes Texas except Texans.

Go Georgia. Go USA!

Anonymous said...

Winning... it's a Georgia thing.

Anonymous said...

It's awesome for those kids. I live in Columbus and the kids from last year still get asked about it, and they are great ambassadors for the sport. It's great to see kids play sports, because they do it for the love of the game. I did feel bad for the Japanese kids after they lost such a good game. I just read about the Texas coach's comments. Anon @ 8:02 was correct. First class ass-clown. I am glad the Georgia coach didn't stoop to his level.

Anonymous said...

The US has now officially dropped 3 bombs on Japan.

Anonymous said...

I hate Texas. Like I always say... Everything is big in Texas especially egos.

Anonymous said...

The Japan reference is tacky at best.

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