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August 2, 2007

You like me. You really like me.

Brief geek out moment. Last night I was able to consolidate my original atom.xml feed with the Feedburner feed b/c the two sites finally started playing together more nicely. Therefore, for the first time I finally know how many people really subscribe to this site's feed.

There are 406 of you guy subscribing to my RSS feed. Thanks for signing up. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry about it.

Football season brings more articles. And more fun. We're 30 days away!



Preston Porter said...

you're welcome

now keep up the good work

go dawgs

Shan said...

Thanks for posting this, and clearing up some of the "haze" surrounding feeds and subscriptions. I have now successfully added some of those handy tools myself.

Go Dawgs

Anonymous said...

I have no earthly idea what an RSS Feed is.

But I love you brother. I really, really love you.

Can't wait until toe meets leather.

Anonymous said...

30 days?!?! Better start saving for flights...quickly!

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