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August 15, 2007

You want Good News? You can't handle all the good news

Finally a day of almost nothing but good news. David Ching covers yesterday's news conference like Sid Hudgens busting up the Hollywood scene in L.A. Confidential. He brings the detailed scoop on:
  • Brandon Miller's apparent successful move back to SAM. Richt is showing nothing but praise for Miller's "dominating" play at SAM linebacker. In fact, hearing Richt gush praise on Kiante Tripp and then follow it with the word "dominating" to describe Miller reminded me of that Seinfeld sketch where the guy tells Elaine that she's "breath taking" only to use the same term on the ugly baby. That's the only cold water on the day for me.

  • The full low down on Kiante Tripp's move to offensive tackle, and the possible return of Chester Adams to Offensive Tackle. Although, I don't get what all of this means for Vince Vance.

  • Jarius Wynn moving to DT. Although, I don't think that's really all that good.

  • And a ton more
Although, none of his report is off the record, on the QT, or very hush-hush.



peacedog said...

Vance was has looked not ready to contribute this year since spring. It doesn't mean anything for him per se.

Also, Battle appears to be the only person who thinks Wynn has moved permanently at this time. Until I hear a coach say it, I'll go by what Garner said about cross-training.

Anonymous said...

The thing about B. Miller is, they can say what they want, but he hasn't been a "dominant" SLB in three years of trying, and so I'm pretty sceptical that he's suddenly become one now. "Always around the pile, but never in it" is a scouts' saying I've heard and it seems to fit in this case.

And, it's great they are so excited about Tripp, and I sure hope it will work out, but what does it say about the guys we have that a 270 lb defensive lineman instantaneously becomes one of our best options at OT? Not much good, I'd say.

Anonymous said...

So that DeVito picture isn't from LA Confidential, right? That looks like an early 80s computer in the background. Maybe "War of The Roses,"?

My apologies for the tangent.


C. Paul said...

Stick- Agreed on all points. What the heck was the deal with all the pre-season hype about BM moving to MLB and then before the season even starts - he's not just back at SLB but he's "dominant"?

Also, I concur that I see nothing good in 2007 coming from KT moving back to offense. I think it speaks volumes about our other OT's (Vance, Davis in particular) that a 270LB DE can come in and look so good so early.

I trust the coaches are making the right move long term - but can't see how it helps us from Okie State through Bama.

Anonymous said...

I believe the movie is "Other People's Money", with Penelope Ann Miller, Gregory Peck & Dean Jones. I kinda liked that movie, but empirically speaking it's at best a "5".

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