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September 23, 2007

Bama thoughts a little later, but start with this...

Image; Rob Carr AP/ (for full photo library)

Kevin Scarbinsky is a columnist for the Birmingham News. He wrote a lengthy article in today's paper about last night's game which is mostly a love letter to the future of the Alabama program. However, the end of the article is a gem for Georgia fans. Excerpt:
We should've known the first reality check of the Saban era would happen in his house with Mark Richt as the special guest. If you're having a party at your house, do not invite Richt. Don't do it. Not under any circumstances.

He will spoil the party. He will step in your flower bed and wipe his Nikes on your carpet. He will clean out your fridge and leave you with a very empty feeling.

Of all the football coaches of all the teams in all the world, none walks into a hostile environment and owns the place like the Georgia coach.

Whether he closes practice from start to finish the week before or not.

Richt has taken Georgia into a true road game 26 times and returned home with a win 23 times. One of those road losses came to the 2004 Auburn team that went undefeated. Another came to the 2003 LSU team - coached by Saban - that won the BCS title.

So you have to be really, really good to beat Richt on the road.
Helluva game.



Smitty said...

Awesome game. I would have liked to win it in regulation but it was sweet to break their heart in overtime. Before the season started I thought we would give Saban his first loss. Welcome back to reality 'Bama.

blackertai said...

"Helluva a game"? That's an interesting way of phrasing that. But, you're right. GO DAWGS!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Bama papers have changed their tune about us.

Unknown said...

that's what happens when you don't have an editor, and you get to B-ham at 4 in the morning b/c the Tuscaloosa traffic planner is an imbecile.

Anonymous said...

The post-game traffic was a nightmare. An extremely quiet nightmare with 2 silent Bama fans in the car with me.

Anonymous said...

Walking to Pita Pit for lunch in Athens today, I thought I spotted a group of players walking the other way towards campus. I thought the guy in front look an awful lot like Tripp Chandler (same build, same carry...hanging out with O-lineman).

My friend quickly decided he should throw his Pita at him. If he catches ain't trip.

Anonymous said...


That's no joke. Chandler had some huge drops in that game - immediate flashbacks to Milner against Florida last year.

Nice to see pitas aren't projectile objects solely at 4 a.m. in Athens.

JasonC said...

I know you were concerned about your page loading slowly... ever since you put that Ramblin Wreck video up, my computer always comes to a halt (like traffic from Tuscaloosa) when I go to your page. It looks like you posted it different than the normal YouTube format and it freaks out my Mac.
Any ideas?

How 'bout them Dogs!

Anonymous said...

About one hour after the game walking from Bama's Quad I thought to myself, "I wonder how Larry Munson would've called that final play?". Then I thought to myself, "Hell, I'd like to hear how Scott Howard did it." Any clues on where to get broadcast audio?

Watson said...

re: worsethanbonkers

i dont know where you can find clips of howard's calls from the game but from watching the mark richt show today he basically screams touchdown a couple of times really really loud. Meanwhile it sounded like the booth was going nuts as well.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Scott Howard Audio paste the link together. . .

GO DAWGS!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I give up, the link is at

Ben Rockwell said...

Looking fwd to your thoughts from the game. While I'm always grateful for a "W", I think the game never should have been so close. Stafford looked pretty good at times, but those dropped passes will haunt us. Good call Duane on the Chandler-Milner connection. What happened to the days of sure-handed TEs at UGA?

Anonymous said...

Wanted to see if anyone else noticed this, and if ESPN replays the game later in the week, look for it.

I forget who was announcing for ESPN2 off the top of my head, but did anyone notice what the play-by-play announcer said in overtime? Right after Alabama kicked the field goal to go ahead 23-20 - and I mean right after; they were showing Stafford putting on his helmet and Coutu practicing kicks on the sideline - the announcer says, "I've got a question for you..."

And he asks what Britney is doing with her life. The color guy is like, "Britney who?!" When the guy says "Britney Spears," there is this long, awkward silence and the color guy responds, "Who cares?! Is she here or something?"

Totally random drop-in and you would figure you would get a bit better analysis in an overtime SEC thriller than what Britney Spears is doing.

But did anyone else notice this? Like I said, if you can catch it on some late-night replay or something, set the DVR and catch it. Maybe the guy was drunk?

Anonymous said...

notice the cup being thrown at the team in the picture. That is classic

DAve said...

Three guesses as to what Josh and I ate right before OT started, surrounded by Bama tailgaters of varying degrees of obnoxious.

Curse, shmurse.

Anonymous said...


To me the whole "Britney" thing was a very tongue in cheek joke. He was attempting to be funny by hinting that there was nothing really interesting going on in the game, when there was in fact something very interesting going on in the game, it was overtime.

The joke obviously failed.

Anonymous said...

I took it the same way as reddawg...just an attempt at humor that went horribly wrong.

Anonymous said...

God bless Todd Blackledge. He was just as confused as the rest of us and it was obvious. Kudos to him for handling it w/o using one of Carlin's 7 words.

Anonymous said...

yeah. The Britney thing just fell completely flat. I have wondered if Todd Blackledge really didn't pick up on what Patrick was alluding to or if Blackledge was just stunned by the stupidity of it.

And I ain't gonna jump on the "spit on Tripp" bandwagon. He had a shitty game but he still made a big catch and he will make other huge catches before the season is over.

We won. Nothing else matters now. Onward and upward.

Anonymous said...

Can any of you guys explain to me the "lineman down field" penalty that went against 'Bama late in the game?

Blackledge was obviously confused by it and was getting an explanation from somebody somewhere but I never really understood what happened. The lineman was not down field but somebody was ineligible. Can somebody help me out.

Also, when a team is working to run time off of the clock why run a play to the short side of the field? The chances of getting shoved out of bounds and stopping the clock increase exponentially when you run to the short side don't they?

Just wondering.

Unknown said...

The ref on the field explained it better for the crowd than the Blackledge.

The WR "covered up" either the TE or another player. That meant the inside player couldn't catch a pass or run a route. He had to stay in to block.

If you have 5 OL, you still have 2 more guys on the Line of Scrimmage. You can either split them out wide or bring them in as TEs.

But regardless, on the 2 on either end of the line of scrimmage are eligible to catch passes and run routes.

Said differently (cuz I'm doing it wrong) Bama lined up their formation wrong.

Mickey McCale said...

Nah, I think you said it correctly, Paul. The call was actually against D.J. Hall, I believe.

Only the players on either end of the line of scrimmage are eligible to leave the LOS and catch passes. Evidently, the outside guy on the Bama's left side was close enough to the LOS for the side judge to interpret it as being on it, effectively covering up the inside receiver. I'm sure Hall had no clue he was ineligible on the play. Big time blunder by the outside wideout.

Anonymous said...

Speaking with a few buddies during the game one of the most blatant homerific calls, or the lack of a call was the pushing down of Demiko Goodman by Alabama's cornerback "what's his face, you know number 2." I can't believe that they said their feet got tangled up. He pushed him down. The tippy-tappy pass interference calls against Georgia and we could not get this one. Had this been called the game never would have gone into Overtime.

Yes we won but I would love to get those calls and at least have the announcers acknowledge that Georgia is getting hosed.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 1:31, I was screaming about that call at the game, and of course they did not show a replay on the video screen.

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