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September 16, 2007

Under the Alabama Stars

According to David Ching and, the Dawgs and Tide will play at 7:45 on ESPN this Saturday night. This seems like the logical choice for CBS, as Paul predicted. CBS opted for Shiny Pants against LSU.

I'm excited about the ESPN game. First, it's more tailgate time in one of the SEC's best locales. Second, I like Todd Blackledge calling the game. Despite our hate for him due to his part in one of Georgia's most disappointing losses ever, Blackledge seems to know what he is talking about and generally makes good points. If only Uncle Ron would come back to the 7:45 slot for ESPN. Mike Patrick I can do without.



BeachGaBulldog said...

Yeah, I miss Ron Franklin, too. I have never liked Mike Patrick. But, Todd is pretty knowledgable.

dean said...

I heard "Gameday" was gonna be there. Is this true?

Joe Blow said...

I have to ask now, are you happy with the way Blackledge called the game? I agree that he knows his stuff, and for the most part is a good analyst. However, when my team (Auburn) is playing Alabama, I don't like him calling it. ESPN might as well get Eli Gold and Kenny Stabler to do the commentary. I know Blackledge went to Penn State, but it seems like his heart is with the Tide. It seems to have gotten a little worse this year. During the Arkansas and UGA game, you could hear him muttering under his breath whenever the hogs/dawgs made a good play. With that, he disagreed with nearly every penalty against Bama. If he didn't disagree with the call, he would make a remark like, "That's a stupid rule. They need to change it." Anyway, great game by the dawgs. I look forward to seeing you guys in November!

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